Terrific Kitchen Gifts from Tovolo

If the kitchen is at the heart of your home, you want to fill it with all things fun, time-saving and useful. So don’t settle for second best when choosing your cooking and baking essentials. LatestBuy has teamed up with Tovolo to bring you a top selection of tools, accessories and basics that will help you keep up with the Jones and make your kitchen look just awesome.

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Colourful Kitchen Accessories

Whether you struggle for space in your kitchen or you want to add even more wow to your brand new installation, finish off your worktops and make cooking and baking a breeze with some of these colourful accessories from Tovolo. Keeping this busy room looking like a showroom might be near impossible with the family around, but these impressive kitchen must-haves will have it looking glamorous at all times.

Ingenius Baking Basics

Love baking but hate wasting time searching for a ruler to check the size of your pastry or something to mold your homemade creations in? If you want to whip up tasty treats with less time and effort, then check out the terrific Tovolo gifts for bakers on this page! So if you’re obsessed with Mary Berry and the Great British Bake Off but don’t have as much time as your hands as the contestants evidently do, you don’t have to miss out!

We’ll Drink To That

After slaving away in the kitchen – or at work on a weekday – there’s no better way to unwind than with an ice-cold drink of your favorite beverage. But with hot sunny days comes lukewarm water, and no one wants a warm glass of wine or juice. It’s just downright wrong.

That’s why Tovolo has created a cool range of ice trays and molds that will make your refreshments last longer, and look awesome when you serve up your drinks to guests!

Bring your love of cooking and baking up a few notches – even if it’s from a low base – by investing in some ingenious kitchen accessories in Sydney from Tovolo. Wow, your guests or make Mum happy with a few bright ideas from this collection of must-have products.