Tooletries – Bathroom Organization for Men!

Tooletries is bringing bathroom organization into the modern era with sleek and sexy designs that maximize space and put your stuff right where you need it! Toothbrush holders, razor storage and shaving mirrors that grip to smooth bathroom surfaces.

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What Are Tooletries?

Tooletries are the solution to the question of how to best organize a man’s grooming items in the bathroom! Tooletries products are made from 100% silicone; they grip the wall without adhesives or the annoying (and, let’s face it useless) suction cups that we’ve been dealing with all these years! The range includes the Tooletries toothbrush holder, Tooletries mirror for shaving in the shower, razor holders, shaving brush holders and men’s toiletry bags.

The innovative bathroom storage products from Tooletries will save you time and revolutionize your morning routine by using the walls of your bathroom as storage! You’ll now be able to combine showering with shaving thanks to the fog resistant Oliver mirror and the Maverick razor and brush stand! While you’re in there, you can also clean your teeth because your toothbrush will be right there on the shower wall in the George toothbrush holder!

How Do Tooletries Products Stick to Walls?

We’re glad you asked! Tooletries products are made from a revolutionary silicone material that sticks to shiny surfaces in the bathroom such as glass, mirror, tiles and marble without any sticky residue. They can be removed and repositioned over and over again which makes them wonderful for travel! Storage products also come with drainage holes to prevent nasty water collecting in the bottom.

Tooletries Gifts for Men

Tooletries bathroom organizers are perfect for bachelor pads so they make great gifts for your sons and nephews, but even men who share bathroom space with a female companion can appreciate the beauty and functionality of these cool bathroom tools! Ladies order a toothbrush holder for your husband to take with him on his business trips or a razor holder for your boyfriend to encourage him to get his razor off the edge of the sink in your bathroom!

Where Can I Buy Tooletries in Australia?

All of the Tooletries items in the LatestBuy collection are available for you to order right now here in Australia. They’re cool and affordable so load up on a whole set with a toothbrush holder, razor organizer, soap holder and shaving mirror: you’ll make his mornings go much more smoothly!

Product info for our Tooletries collection can be accessed by clicking on any of the above images, but if you need answers to questions about delivery timeframes or payment, that can be found in our FAQ guide.