Genius Gifts From ThumbsUp

Still not had that AH-HA moment when searching for the perfect present for Dad, your girlfriend, or the kids? Want something that they won’t have even thought about putting on their wish lists? ThumbsUp is responsible for some of the greatest gift ideas on the planet, so if you’re stuck for inspiration, you won’t be for long after browsing this collection.

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Fun & Frivolous

Horse Meat Apron


Fun & Frivolous

Horse Head Pillow Case


Hats & Accessories

2-in-1 LED Bracelet Watch


Fun & Frivolous

Borat Mankini Suit


Novelty Gadgets, Gizmos & Toys

Instead of puzzling over what that special someone really wants or needs for the next occasion, why not turn the problem on its head and find them a gift they never knew they wanted, needed, or – for that matter – even existed!? From the hilariously useless inventions to the eureka gadgets that will make life seem that much more efficient, check out this selection of novelty presents for the whole family from ThumbsUp.

Presents for Every Personality

Whether you’re shopping for a bit of a party animal or that busy co-worker who is always cramming a hundred and one jobs into their day, ThumbsUp has thought of almost every online shopping scenario so that you don’t have to. Find fun gifts for the office, unique home, and lifestyle accessories, and more funnies than your Dad has bad jokes to choose from, brought to you by this bright and cheerful brand. In fact, you’ll be searching for opportunities just to buy them all!

Bestselling Gift Ideas

If you’ve ever seen the camera lens cup or the frightfully fun zombie gnome, then guess what? ThumbsUp is the brainchild behind some of the bestselling gift ideas, not just on the LatestBuy website, but around the world too! So if you want to snap up the coolest inventions and latest present inspiration, a quick trip to this page is a great place to start.

When you’re down to buying the umpteenth pair of socks or box of chocolates for that poor person who deserves better, ThumbsUp is a shining beacon of special gift ideas that will send your brownie points into a whole new high score. Find heaps of inspiration for everyone and his dog in this cool collection.