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If eating and drinking is more of a hobby than a necessity in your life, and you’ll appreciate stylish kitchen and bar gifts that make the indulgent things in your day even more special. Whether you’ve got a sweet or savoury tooth, or you crave a drink at the end of the day, some bright Sparq has created an elegant range of gifts for him and her.

Marvellous Entertaining Must-Haves

When the occasion calls for a celebration and you have guests to impress, bring out your ‘best’ serving dishes and bar accessories to do the gathering justice. Start the night sophisticated with canapés and end the evening less so with shots, but make sure that every second of your soiree is done with a touch of class, by bringing out these top entertaining ideas from Sparq.

Soapstone Kitchen Gifts

A stylish and unusual material that makes the Sparq range stand out from your average kitchen and cooking brand, soapstone is at the heart of this collection of kitchen gifts and accessories. And it isn’t chosen simply for its unusual and interesting appearance – soapstone is incredible durable, heat resistant and easy to clean! What more could you want from a stone? From drink o’clock to dinner parties and weeknight meals, these quality wining and dining products are versatile for any occasion.

Be a Bright Sparq

Even shoppers with the worst reputation for buying presents stand a chance when choosing one of the goodies out of this range. Whether you’re shopping for personalised birthday gifts or a quirky treat for that someone special to cheer them up, everyone loves food and drink. So pick out a unique gift idea from the Sparq range and you’ll be onto a recipe for success.

When picking out presents for the kitchen of Mum, the boyfriend, or the best friend, choose a range that looks the part but will also play its part for years to come. Sparq has created a quality range of gifts that can take the pressure off this busy cooking and entertaining environment, looking oh-so-elegant at the same time.