SPARQ Soapstone Home and Kitchenware in Australia

Spark a change in your home starting with SPARQ soapstone kitchenware products! Made from raw materials that would otherwise be wasted, SPARQ soapstone is naturally non-stick and stain proof and the designs are sleek and minimalist; perfect for the environmentally conscious Australian family!

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What Does SPARQ Offer the World?

The guys behind the SPARQ brand are aiming high! They are not only bringing the world a line of kitchenware that is well-designed, functional, and robust, they are also helping conserve resources and protect natural landscapes. All sparq homeware products are handmade using natural soapstone. The inspiration behind sparq is all about reducing waste. Each and every sparq home product is made using off-cuts from a quarry. Soapstone is great in the kitchen because of its sleek look and non-stick properties, but there are often a lot of waste materials behind the production of soapstone countertops and sinks. The creators of SPARQ home decided to put that waste to use and the end result is a collection of beautiful and useful soapstone kitchen and homeware products.

What is Soapstone and Why Do I Need it in my Kitchen?

LatestBuy is proud to be a sparq Australia retailer! We firmly believe that soapstone is an up-and-coming kitchen trend! Sparq soapstone kitchen and home products combine innovative design with the amazing natural properties of soapstone which include being stain-resistant and an ability to retain heat and cold which makes it ideal for food preparation applications. Basically, soapstone keeps hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold! The stone itself is naturally occurring and has traditionally been used for statues, but these days you’re probably more familiar with soapstone countertops or soapstone sinks in modern kitchens. SPARQ kitchenware products are safe and natural and will help you reduce your home’s carbon footprint by using less plastic as well as enabling you to cook like a pro with pizza stones and the like. On top of all that, the minimalist kitchenware designs just look great in the kitchen!

Tell Me More About SPARQ Home Products!

All SPARQ products are designed with simplicity in mind; in fact, they have a “Zen-like” quality to them which works well in a minimalist kitchen but also does not look out of place in a traditional kitchen design. Customer sparq rating feedback is very positive, pointing out the heat/cold retention properties which are especially useful in the cooler than cool sparq soapstone whiskey ice cubes. Our own sparq review is very positive and they are selling fast, so don’t wait too long to pick yours up! Our SPARQ home collection includes barware and kitchenware, just click on one of the images above to learn more!

SPARQ Kitchen Products as Gifts

SPARQ soapstone kitchen, bar, and home products are absolutely ideal to give as wedding gifts, housewarming presents, or anniversary gifts! Any homeowner would be thrilled to receive one of these stylish products to add to their kitchen or home bar. They’re not only practical, they can be used as design elements; leave them on a coffee table or countertop as a focal point in your décor.

How to Get SPARQ Products for Your Home

It’s so simple, all you have to do is click on one of the SPARQ product images right here on this page to add it to your cart! If an item you’ve got your heart set on is not currently available due to its popularity, you can request to receive an email alert when it comes back in stock!

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Marvellous Entertaining Must-Haves

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Soapstone Kitchen Gifts

A stylish and unusual material that makes the Sparq range stand out from your average kitchen and cooking brand, soapstone is at the heart of this collection of kitchen gifts and accessories. And it isn’t chosen simply for its unusual and interesting appearance – soapstone is incredibly durable, heat resistant, and easy to clean! What more could you want from a stone? From drink o’clock to dinner parties and weeknight meals, these quality wining and dining products are versatile for any occasion.

Be a Bright Sparq

Even shoppers with the worst reputation for buying presents stand a chance when choosing one of the goodies out of this range. Whether you’re shopping for personalized birthday gifts or a quirky treat for someone special to cheer them up, everyone loves food and drink. So pick out a unique gift idea from the Sparq range and you’ll be onto a recipe for success. When picking out presents for the kitchen of Mum, the boyfriend, or the best friend, choose a range that looks the part but will also play its part for years to come. Sparq has created a quality range of gifts that can take the pressure off this busy cooking and entertaining environment, looking oh-so-elegant at the same time.

Questions About Shopping for SPARQ and Other Products at LatestBuy

All of the burning questions that shoppers regularly ask have been answered in our FAQs! Just look for a link to “Help Topics” in the footer of any page on our site.