Serroni Unbreakable Glassware

Don’t be the person who serves up drinks in cheap plastic cups because you evidently don’t trust your guests with a real glass. But then again, who wants to risk their nice sets of champagne flutes, wine tumbler and glasses outdoors or at a party? We wouldn’t. Serroni has created a stylish range of unbreakable glassware that puts the class back into fake glass.

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Protect Your Glassware

Whether the celebration is a birthday bash or a dinner party, don’t let broken glass sober your fun up when the drinks get flowing. Safeguard your special glassware from the perils of tipsy guests by investing in some shatterproof glasses from Serroni. With styles to serve up anything from juice to cocktails, beer to wine, these sets are perfect for entertaining and safe for parties with little ones about! So when someone inevitably proves that they can’t actually balance their beverage on their head, you won’t have to clean up the mess.

Outdoor Wining & Dining

Even when alcohol isn’t involved, taking your glassware outdoors is a recipe for disaster when wining and dining al fresco. From BBQs to picnics and camping, these outdoor food and drink gifts are perfect for anyone who likes to do everything other than sleep outside when the summer comes around. And when the sun beats down on a boiling hot day, you can stay hydrated in style with outdoor glasses, pitchers for your garden, and days out and even find here a wide range of wine glasses for sale.

Essential Party Accessories

When your friends and family descend on your house, don’t fret over making every inch of room in your fridge count. After all, balanced bottles of beer and wine are only going to end in tears. If you’re looking to pick up some party accessories before your next gathering, get a Serroni ice bucket from this collection to put your drinks on ice without dashing to and from the kitchen!

Clumsy proof your kitchen and throw parties, BBQs, and picnics without worrying about any breakages thanks to this elegant range of shatterproof glassware from Serroni. Your guests (and your best bottles of plonk!) deserve better than plastic cups after all, don’t you think?