Portal Presents & Memorabilia

Don’t feel puzzled over what to buy your favourite gamer in the family when that special occasion comes around. Find some great gift ideas for him or her that might actually draw them away from their games console for longer than a minute. Check out this awesome selection of licensed Portal products from the LatestBuy collection.

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Top Turret Gifts

Any fan of the Portal series will instantly recognize this iconic testing obstacle when they enter the room. Protect your bedroom, desk or belongings from unwanted parents, or surprise your siblings as they accidentally trip on this deadly turret. But don’t worry, we’ve disarmed these replicas of the real thing to bring you a fun selection of memorabilia that will please any fan of this puzzle-platform game.

Cool Portal 2 Products

If the second edition of this complex and exciting game left your head well and truly in a spin, then commemorate Portal 2 with something from this awesome selection of licensed products. From dinky gadgets and accessories to cool decorations for your student pad or bedroom, there are plenty of gift ideas to choose from. Because any true champion of this epic game should have no problem getting their head around online shopping.

Great Gifts for Gamers

Put a smile on the face of that gaming geek in your life by giving them some presents that show appreciation for their top gaming skills. We’ve got plenty more merchandise where this sweet selection came from, including tons of Minecraft must-haves and a whole range of TV and film memorabilia. So if your Portal fan has as many dimensions to their interests as the game itself, you’ll be spoilt for choice with inspiration for presents.

Take your present buying reputation to the next dimension with some unique gift ideas that hit the spot with their favourite games and interests. Pick out some top memorabilia from the Portal collection at LatestBuy, just one of the many ranges of licensed products on our site. And you’ll be sure to win a top score with that lucky someone who receives it!