PackIt: Freezable Cooler Bags and Lunch Bags

If you’ve ever been packed to the rafters for a picnic, a day at work or school or even a trip to the beach and felt the frustration of soggy, not cold food by the time it comes to lunch time, then PackIt is the product for you! These innovative new cooler bags and lunch bags come in a range of trendy designs and the colourful patterns hide a freezable gel inside their lining. Instead of using ice or freeze packs, you can just put the whole bag inside the freezer and the bag itself keeps your food cold…genius!

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How Does Pack-It Work?

These elegant bags are a clever modern replacement for a traditional cooler and they are available in several styles including lunch boxes for kids so you can pack healthy fun lunches for kids and adults to take to work or school in a stylish PackIt insulated lunch bag. Worry no more about mushy fruit salad or room temperature cheese by the time lunch rolls around. Simply fold up the flexible PackIt bag and put the whole thing (empty) into the freezer the night before you need to use it. The next day, take out your insulated lunch bag, fill it with yummy snacks and food and you’re ready to go. The special gel inside the lining of the bag will keep your food cold for up to ten hours!

PackIt Lunch Bags

LatestBuy’s selection of PackIt products offers options for packit-to-go lunch bags for women and men as well as lunch boxes for kids. In addition to being an all-around brilliant idea, this cool range of lunch bags allows you to pack food items you might otherwise be afraid to eat so far away from your fridge. The packit lunch bag has been reviewed many times and has been proven to keep food cold enough so you can take items like yogurt, tuna, or salad dressing to work or school in your lunch cooler bag and not worry about it getting warm and nasty (and potentially unsafe to eat) before lunchtime. The PackIt lunch bags will keep your food cold (and safe) for longer than ice packs or ice. Browse our selection to find u PackIt lunch bags for everyone in the family!

PackIt Cooler Bags

Forget about that old-fashioned cooler box and get a Packit freezable ‘n’ go cooler bag for your next picnic, road trip, or group outing! For a start, the PackIt cooler bags take up way less space than that inflexible rectangular cooler, and then there’s the fact that PackIt lunch cooler bags are environmentally friendly since this new type of packit cooler bags are reusable as well as being PVC-, BPA- and lead-free, and by the way, they are also nontoxic which is great news for those of us who are concerned about what’s inside those blue ice blocks or what unknown substance lurks within the walls of those old fashioned cooler boxes?

PackIt Shopping Cooler Bags

Finally here is a product that allows you to go shopping and not have to rush home with your refrigerated items! The PackIt shopping cooler bag keeps the contents cold for up to six hours which means you don’t have to worry about the cheese or milk spoiling if you need to go to the shop and then run some other errands while you’re out of the house. Plus reusable shopping bags are a wonderful way to save us all from those terrible plastic bags that are harming wildlife and will be clogging up waterways and beaches forever and a day! To make the deal even sweeter, the PackIt shopping cooler, like its smaller brother the PackIt lunch bag, comes in a range of on-trend designs so you can feel chic at the shops instead of feeling like a pack animal weighed down by unfashionable and environmentally unfriendly plastic bags!

About PackIts

True story: the PackIt lunch bag was invented by an American mum who was sick of her kids complaining about soggy lunches day after day! It turns out that the moisture from the ice block, combined with poor insulation in the kids’ lunch boxes caused the food to get mushy long before the kids’ lunchtime at school. She focused on the problem and came up with kids’ lunch bags that kept food cooler for longer than ice packs or ice in a bag without the moisture on the inside of the bag that causes food to get mushy. This is due to the fact that these insulated lunch bags have a freezable gel inside the lining, so it stays separate from the food, while still keeping it cold.

These days you can get a PackIt bag for anyone in the family, it’s not just about lunch bags for kids anymore. There are also PackIt bags for picnics and shopping trips. The bags are durable and practical with handles and zippers on some designs and they are easy to store when you’re not using them because they fold up in a small space. PackIt cool bags are a good gift for the eco-friendly person in your family since they combine a sturdy reusable bag with the features of a cooler plus some extra goodies in the form of BPA-free, non-toxic materials.

What is the Best Place to Buy PackIt Bags in Australia?

You’re looking at it! LatestBuy has a variety of some of the most popular PackIt insulated lunch boxes and cooler bags in Australia, and you can access them all right from this page! With their eye-catching colorful designs and practical features, you’ll wonder what you ever did to keep your food cold on the go before you got your PackIt bag from LatestBuy!