PackIt: Freezable Cooler Bags and Lunch Bags

If you’ve ever been packed to the rafters for a picnic, a day at work or school or even a trip to the beach and felt the frustration of soggy, not cold food by the time it comes to lunch time, then PackIt is the product for you! These innovative new cooler bags and lunch bags come in a range of trendy designs and the colourful patterns hide a freezable gel inside their lining. Instead of using ice or freeze packs, you can just put the whole bag inside the freezer and the bag itself keeps your food cold…genius!

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How Does Pack-It Work?

These elegant bags are a clever modern replacement for a traditional cooler and they are available in several styles including lunch boxes for kids so you can pack healthy fun lunches for kids and adults to take to work or school in a stylish PackIt insulated lunch bag. Worry no more about mushy fruit salad or room temperature cheese by the time lunch rolls around. Simply fold up the flexible PackIt bag and put the whole thing (empty) into the freezer the night before you need to use it. The next day, take out your insulated lunch bag, fill it with yummy snacks and food and you’re ready to go. The special gel inside the lining of the bag will keep your food cold for up to ten hours!

PackIt Lunch Bags

LatestBuy’s selection of PackIt products offers options for packit-to-go lunch bags for women and men as well as lunch boxes for kids. In addition to being an all-around brilliant idea, this cool range of lun