Bright Gift Ideas From Nite Ize

Don’t let the dark ruin your fun, whatever your plans may be. The world may look a whole lot different on a night, but with a few cool gadgets and accessories you’ll soon be feeling the rhythm of the night. Get browsing this collection to find great gift ideas for the whole family, to keep them safe and happy when the sun goes down.

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Sports & Fitness

S-Biner KeyRack Locker


Sports & Fitness

S-Biner SlideLock


Travel & Car

Steelie Car Mount Kit


Unique Gadgets & Gizmos

Ever wish you had a thingymabob to make that whatdyacallit easier? If you like the simple pleasures of discovering cool inventions that turn even mundane tasks into eureka moments, Nite Ize has some nifty little gadgets and gizmos that will have you frantically searching for your card details. And stop you scrambling around in the dark by giving you a bright solution for any night-time situation!

Perfect Presents for Pets

Protect your precious pooch or favourite pet when you take them on a trip or they go venturing out into the night. Your top dog or independent cat probably wouldn’t want to admit that they need looking out for when they roam the streets, but you don’t want to find out the wrong way. These handy pet gifts are ideal for any animal lovers who are barking mad about their furry friends, and want to keep them safe at all times!

24 Hour Sports Gifts

Especially in the winter, you don’t want to call your exercise routine a day just because it’s getting dark. So carry the torch and embrace sports day and night, with some sensible sports and fitness accessories that will keep the mightnight oil burning until you run out of steam. Nite Ize has designed a range of LED gadgets that will give you that extra peace of mind when you head out in the dark.

Have a light bulb moment when searching for gift inspiration and find plenty of presents for Dad, the wife, and even the dog on this page. Nite Ize brings you a bright collection of accessories and lighting solutions that will help you master the night – don’t forget a spare camping light battery.