Mighty Mugs: Non-Spill Travel Coffee Mugs!

If you or someone you know is ever-so-slightly accident prone when it comes to liquids and the spilling thereof, Mighty Mugs are here to save the day (and your carpets, desk and car interiors!). These wonders of modern mug technology come equipped with a mass of features that will put the coffee mugs of the past to shame!

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What is a Mighty Mug?

“What is a Mighty Mug,” you say? A Mighty Mug is no ordinary coffee mug! Thanks to its innovative design, the mighty mug’s main claim to fame are that it literally grips onto surfaces such as a desk or table; meaning it won’t spill your drink if you accidentally knock into it! It may wobble, but the bottom of the Mighty Mug will use its SmartGrip to hold tightly to the surface of your desk or table. However, you can still easily pick up the cup to take a sip…it’s mug magic!

Features of the Mighty Mug

The Mighty Mug has features that put it ahead of other mugs; you can see some of them in a mighty mug video which demonstrates the brilliance of these coffee mugs. Mighty Mug is a travel mug so it has some of the features you’d expect like a leak-proof lid, but it also has the amazing “SmartGrip” base, so clumsy coffee drinkers or those with children or animals around need not worry about spilling their precious beverage anymore! The trim Mighty Mug design also features a built-in coaster so you won’t make coffee rings or dribble drink sweat all over your desk with this coffee mug in your life! The cup fits easily in your hand and also in your car’s cup holder. Mighty Mugs keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, so you can fill it with coffee, tea, or a cold drink to keep you cool on a hot day. As if all that wasn’t enough to make the Mighty Mug a sure win, this clever coffee mug is made from BPA-free plastic and it is biodegradable!

Which Mighty Mug is Best for Me?

LatestBuy currently offers several of the Mighty Mug designs in our travel coffee mugs selection including the mighty mug “Solo” and the mighty mug “Go”. Both are perfect for work or home and are great travel mugs to use during your commute. They are available in a range of colours to suit your personal style including blue mugs, teal mugs, and red mugs. The major difference is that the “Go” is a larger cup, but check them both out and see which one you like best…you really can’t make a wrong choice here! All of the Mighty Mug cups share the cool “non-spill” technology.

Mighty Mugs as Gifts

Travel coffee mugs make excellent gifts for colleagues at the office and for friends and family. The “Go” Mighty Mug is just right for that friend who needs a little bit more caffeine to get started and the “Solo” is great for commuters. Get a Mighty Mug for Father’s Day or Christmas, they also make wonderful Thank You gifts!

Where Can I Get a Mighty Mug in Australia?

LatestBuy is the best place to get a Mighty Mug in Australia of course! Order one for yourself today and get a couple of spares because all your friends are going to want one too!

Travel Mug Choices

There is no doubt that the Mighty Mug is a pretty amazing travel mug, but it’s important to have choices when it comes to travel coffee mugs; we offer a variety of the best travel mugs on the market including the superb Contigo travel mug which has an innovative automatic leak-proof and spill-proof seal. Go to our “Office & Tech” department and look for “Cups & Mugs” for the complete selection which includes the Contigo travel mug and more!