Metrokane Wine Accessories & Home Bar Accessories

Take your home bar to expert level with stylish new wine and cocktail accessories from Metrokane. Pour like a pro with a suave decanter and store your favourite vintage in a handy expandable wine rack. Mix cocktails the right way with a choice of cocktail shakers and mixers. It’s all right here at LatestBuy.

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Love the Wine You’re With!

Enhance your feelings for your favourite wine with a wine aerator from our selection. Many wines (especially red wine) need to “breathe” before pouring into wine glasses. wine aeration improves flavour so add a Metrokane pourer and wine aerator to your bar accessories collection and you’ll love your wine in your red wine glasses even more!

Wine coolers enable you to serve your beloved wine at just the right temperature. The Metrokane Rabbit Wine Chilling Carafe stays chilled out of the fridge for up to 90 minutes and helps keep your wine “just fine” at the table.

Put a Cork in it! How to Store Opened Wine

Wine corks are useful things, you can make crafts with them or use them to stay afloat at sea in case of emergency, but oh, the horror of that moment when your bottle opener destroys the cork at the moment of opening! What’s a wine lover to do? Don’t take it out on your poor old corkscrew, these things happen, but we have options! The first choice is a decanter and since pouring wine into a decanter also helps with aeration (in addition to looking frightfully posh!), it’s a great option for storing opened wine. A wine cooler is another good choice; it’s like a wine fridge for a single bottle! Next up is a wine preserver; we have several models of Metrokane wine preservers and sealers here at Latestbuy, so you can compare features to get the one that best suits the wines in your wine rack. A wine preserver or wine decanter can pay for itself in just one or two uses, so they are a great investment when it comes to wine accessories and is just as important as the right wine glass and reliable bottle openers.

Set up Your Personal Wine Cellar

If you own more than one bottle of wine, it’s important to have the right storage for your wine collection. We suggest a wine rack that can act as a miniature wine cellar. According to the experts, you should store wine on its side before opening, avoid direct sunlight and keep your wine cooler, but not too cold before serving into wine glasses when you’re ready. Metrokane Houdini Expandable Wine Racks are just what you need in your home bar to store your unopened bottles. Since these days you can buy wine online, you might need more than one wine rack! Get just one or get a few and connect them together to accommodate your growing wine collection!

Stylish Bar Accessories by Metrokane

It’s not just all about the wine! Metrokane also offers cocktail shakers and juice makers to really impress guests and make you feel like a professional when you have parties at home. Squeeze fresh lime juice for a Mai Tai or orange juice for a classic Screwdriver. Cheers!

We’re all adults here, so instead of hiding our love of a glass of vino or three, let’s celebrate all things alcoholic by putting a touch of style into our favorite drinks. Whether your favorite tipple is wine or cocktails, start the evening off sophisticated…even if it doesn’t always end that way!

Chill Winston

How is a person chill out if they can’t even get a cold drink? The only problem with summer dining is that it makes keeping the drinks cool a logistical challenge, which is why you need a few gadgets and gizmos that can help you stay on top of it. Metrokane has invented some genius ways to keep your wine chilled that will make you wonder how you ever managed without them.

Winning Red Wine Essentials

If you didn’t know that red wine should be decanted before serving it, then you do now. But even if you were aware of this connoisseur’s tip, who can be bothered to wait around for your wine to do its thing before quenching your thirst? Not many of us. This is why Metrokane has created some award-winning gadgets to instantly aerate your red before serving. Although if you’re a fan of the traditional way, you can pick up a decanter here too…

Time for a Mojito?

Cocktails are the perfect way to start an evening with friends, but making them can be a pretty messy process unless you have the right tools. From crushing ice to blending the ingredients to the ideal consistency, there’s an art to getting cocktails just right. Or should we say, there are some great bar tools to make you look like you’re a pro?

So before your next dinner party or BBQ, get a Metrokane cocktail essential and you’ll be serving up sizzling mojitos and sex on the beach faster than they can ask for the next round.

If you’re a fan of the finer things in life, make them even finer by choosing some fantastic bar and wine accessories from the Metrokane collection at LatestBuy.