Luminara Flameless LED Candles. Realistic and Safe!

A lit candle evokes feelings of romance and luxury, but real candles can be a safety hazard. Upgrade from the ancient technology of wax flame candles to Luminara flameless candles for your home or business. These LED candles look completely realistic, but they do not have an open flame so they are safe around children and pets, plus they are energy efficient and can run up to 500 hours on one set of batteries! These battery operated candles make lovely gifts for housewarming, weddings or general birthdays and they are even great to use at a place of business like a shop or restaurant to set a romantic mood. Find Luminara candles for sale in Australia right here at LatestBuy!

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What Are Luminara Candles?

“What is a Luminara candle?” we hear you cry! In short, Luminara candles are not just ordinary cheap LED candles, they are the ultimate in realistic flameless candles! Based on special effects technology created by Disney, they have all the advantages of LEDs such as long life and low power usage plus these battery-operated candles feature a very convincing “flickering” effect as well as being scented! You have to see it to believe it, these flickering candles are even better than the real thing and if you don’t believe it, check out the video on our product pages for an introduction to Luminara artificial candles!

Why Do I Need Luminara Candles?

If you’re still not convinced, here are just a few more of the benefits of Luminara LED candles for your home. The most obvious is safety: candle-related house fires are a real threat if you use open flame candles in the home, whereas battery candles are obviously flameless so they are much, much safer. Additionally, Luminara candles come in a range of styles and sizes including our featured items: Luminara 3.5″ x 5″, Luminara 3.5″ x 7″, and Luminara 3.5″ x 9″ flameless pillar candles. Then, of course, there is the undeniable fact that they last for hours and hours…and hours! For example, our flickering flameless wax pillar candles run on 2 “D” batteries and can last up to 500 hours before you have to change the batteries! In comparison to cheaper, less realistic items on the market, our Luminara electric candles are of great value in the long run!

Where Can I Use Luminara Candles?

Luminara is battery-powered candles, so you can enjoy flameless candles anywhere you would use a traditional wax candle and then some! Run a bubble bath and place some Luminara LED pillar candles around the tub for a relaxing ambience; savour the romance of a candle-lit dinner without having to worry about wax dripping all over the table! In addition to romantic or relaxing occasions, Luminara battery candles are great for practical applications too! Use them as emergency lighting for the home in case of a power cut or storm power outage, take them camping (no danger of setting fire to the tent or camper!), use them as night lights or in place of bedside lamps. Businesses such as cafes, restaurants, spas, and shops can even use these flameless candles to create a peaceful mood without the worry of having a customer accidentally start a fire or having a sudden gust of wind blow out every single candle in the place!

Luminara Candles with Timers

Another advantage of Luminara electric candles that you just don’t get with a real wax candle is the timer! Turn on your Luminara flameless candles set the timer, and five hours later they will turn themselves off. They really are not your average fake candles! The timer function makes them perfect to use for nightlights and eliminates trips back home if you leave the house and forget to turn off your candle lights!

Luminara Scented Flameless Candles

So, let’s review: Luminara candles are safe, energy-efficient, realistic, romantic, and practical…but did you also know that they are scented?? Yes, that’s right! Scented flameless candles, it’s a real thing and you can have these amazing scented LED candles in your home in a jiffy, just click on the link above to get more information on the scents and order some today!

How Are Luminara Flameless Candles Different from Other LED Candles?

The most obvious thing that is missing from most cheaply made LED candles is the flicker! Why do candles flicker? It has to do with the amount of available oxygen in the room, if they get too much or too little, the unburned carbon particles will escape from the flame without being fully combusted (thank you science!). Obviously flameless candles don’t have that problem, but unlike other LED candles on the market, Luminara is the best fake candle due to its realistic flickering. Through a patented process, the LED light is reflected through a prism which makes Luminara candles hands down the best and most authentic flameless flickering candles available!

Luminara Candles for Wedding Gifts and Housewarming Presents

If you are looking for a trendy wedding gift or a practical housewarming present for a family with pets or kids, Luminara electric candles fit the bill perfectly! Useful, beautiful, and thoroughly modern, Luminara is the best flameless candle Australia has ever seen! They’re also great “any occasion” gifts and are ideal for wedding anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and birthdays! Add some to your cart today!

LatestBuy Shopper Questions

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