Cute & Cuddly Gifts for Babies

Welcome that little bundle of joy into the world with a present they will treasure for a lifetime… And that will get you in the good books of those exhausted new parents! Browse our irresistibly sweet selection of gifts for newborns and babies from Jellycat, and the little infant won’t be the only one smiling!

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Beautiful Baby Bunnies

What is it about bunnies that are so darn cute? With their floppy ears, pink button noses, and fluffy fur, they are perfect playmates to keep a tiny tot company in his or her cot. And because a certain bunny always does his rounds in Spring, Jellycat products also make great Easter gift inspiration, not just for babies but the whole family! Whether it’s a boy or a girl, or you’re waiting for the surprise to be revealed, pick out a color and feel proud to give one of these quality presents.

Soothing Soft Toys

You’re never too old for a cuddle, especially when something’s really upset you, like soiling your nappy or losing sight of Mummy. Somehow, a few moments crying into the shoulder of your favorite teddy or toy can make everything seem better. Jellycat has created a luxury selection of soft toys for babies that will melt your heart and dry their eyes!

Rattles & Toys

Don’t you wish that you could still be entertained for hours with only a rattle? And yet watching that bundle of joy giggle and laugh along is the only TV you need when there’s a baby around. These adorable rabbits are oh-so furry – did you know they just love having their ears tickled!? Listen out for their laugh as their belly rattles when you shake them about – or was that your own?

Put an even bigger smile on that newborn baby’s face and watch them discover the joys of their senses, with some of these super-soft luxury baby gifts. Plush presents for little boys and girls, choose from lots of colors and designs in this selection to welcome that newborn into the world.