Gentlemen’s Hardware by Wild and Wolf: Gifts for Discerning Dudes!

Classic gifts for men by Gentlemen’s Hardware. Shaving kits, fishing tools, enamel mugs and more with vintage design for Father’s Day or his birthday! Gentlemen’s Hardware offers a range of sophisticated gifts for men! These stylish products have an air of old fashioned charm in the packaging and cover a wide variety of needs from shaving and grooming to fishing and other hobbies with everyday necessities like phone chargers and multi tools plus some unique gift ideas!

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Gift Ideas for Men from Gentlemen’s Hardware

If you’re stuck without ideas for your husband or dad for his birthday or Father’s Day, don’t worry, it’s a problem that afflicts many of us and the solution is here! Gentlemen’s Hardware by Wild and Wolf has put a lot of time and effort into designing products that men love to use! All items in this range come in vintage-inspired packaging and many of the products give a nod to times gone by in the product design too. The items in this collection are practical, rugged and unfussy. They make ideal gifts for cultured guys who favour minimalism over extravagance!

Classic Shaving Products from Gentlemen’s Hardware

Ladies, let’s face it, beards are here to stay whether we like it or not! Help him keep his beard in good shape with a Gentlemen’s Hardware beard care kit. Or gift him with a true vintage shaving experience to go along with his vintage-style facial hair in the form of a safety razor inspired by antique designs, enamel soap bowl and an authentic shaving brush from Gentlemen’s Hardware!

Multi Tools for Fishing and More

The multi tools by Gentlemen’s Hardware are an excellent “just because” gift idea or a gift idea for a guy who “doesn’t really need anything”. Pick a multi tool with a light or go with a themed multi tool for fishing or even for a manly manicure set.

Enamel Campware by Gentlemen’s Hardware

Avoid plastic campware with classic enamel camp mugs, plates and more from Gentlemen’s Hardware. These useful mugs and other enamel items are great for the outdoors, but they’re ideal for rugged work environments too!

Gentlemen’s Hardware Products in Australia

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