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Don’t be predictable when buying presents for the kids. Sure, they might have an iPad on their wish list these days, but you’d be amazed at how magic still does the trick at keeping the little ones entertained (and the big ones too!). Fantasma toys and magic sets are a top choice for children of all ages, so browse the range below to find some show-shopping ideas for the next occasion.

Amazing Magic Sets

Think you might have the next Houdini in the family? Indulge their love of all things mysterious with a magic set that will put the wonder back in weekends. The perfect present for growing girls and boys, let them work their way up the various magic sets in this collection. From the traditional cons that they’ll master in hours to more weird and wonderful illusions that will boggle even the most skeptical adults, there’s plenty to choose from…

Creepy Presents for Kids

Whether you’re searching for a spooky gift for Halloween or you know a kid who loves tricks and treats all year round, some of these novelty remote control toys are bound to send shivers down their spine. Great gifts for boys, give Mum or Dad a shock as you catch them unaware with your mysterious moving toys!

Fun for All Ages

Fantasma puts the fantastic back into birthdays, Christmas, and every occasion in between. And we all know how hard it is to keep the family entertained during those surprisingly long holidays. This collection of toys and magic sets provide hours of fun for all ages, whether you’re shopping for gifts for primary school children or teenagers who are hard to buy for. In fact, you may even find yourself tempted to learn a few party tricks yourself!

Take a leaf out of David Copperfield’s book and inject some magic into the life of one lucky person, by picking out a fun-filled magic kit or remote control toy from the Fantasma selection at LatestBuy. But hurry, you never know when this unpredictable product might vanish into thin air!