Corkcicle: The New Way To Chill Wine and Beer

Once upon a time you had to think ahead, way ahead, if you wanted to enjoy a nice cold one at the perfect temperature…bar fridge, ice cubes, ice buckets or maybe even a wine fridge for the posh crowd! Those things took time to prepare and they were far from the perfect solution! Well, thankfully those days are behind us and Corkcicle has come along to save us from having to resort to weird and wonderful ways to chill beer or wine fast. This is welcome news if you’re the type who enjoys a spontaneous and perfectly chilled drink on occasion, but doesn’t want to think too much about it! Corkcicle products chill your alcoholic beverages fast, maintain the perfect temperature and some of these drink coolers even aerate your vino at the same time! Cheers!

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How Do Corkcicle Drinks Coolers Work?

While the individual designs vary, the majority of the wine and beer coolers from Corkcicle work by freezing a gel that is inside of the “icicle” portion of the product like a drink fridge for each bottle. Since there is no actual ice, the integrity of your beverage is not compromised by being watered down and the drink stays cool until you get around to drinking it.

Enjoy Your Plonk at Just the Right Temperature!

If you’re a connoisseur of fine wine, you probably know that serving temperature has a big impact on the taste of the vintage. Even if you’ve invested in a wine fridge, you probably won’t be drinking right next to it and the usual option is a drippy ice bucket which is hit and miss on temperature. The Corkcicle wine cooler is simple to use and maintains the perfect wine temperature out of the refrigerator for up to an hour. Use the wine chiller on the patio, in the dining room, or just hanging out in the living room; you won’t need to lug around an ice bucket or mini-fridge and no need to keep running back to the wine fridges. Keep the Corkcicle in the freezer; once you’ve poured the first glass, just pop it into the bottle…and that’s all you need to do to savour the flavour of your favourite vino!

Wine on the Go with Corkcicle Vinnebago!

Here is a dream come true for wine lovers! The Corkcicle Vinnebago is a stylish drinks canteen that allows you to take chilled wine (or another beverage of your choice) with you when you’re off on an adventure! This wine cooler is a lot sexier than your average drinks flask, so it’s perfect for romantic picnics, fun road trips, or “glamping” (yes, that is a thing!). It’s like a small fridge! Thanks to the three layers of insulation, it can keep drinks cool for up to 25 hours! Yes, more than a day! Did we just blow your mind or what?

Wine Chilled and Aerated Before Your Eyes!

Those of you who are accustomed to knocking back the odd glass or two (or six) of red wine should be aware of the importance of letting your wine “breathe”…it has something to do with “oxygenation” (thank you science!) and it vastly improves the flavour. The corkcicle “One” chiller is the next stage in wine serving technology, as it will both chill and aerate wine at the same time, plus this wine chiller also keeps the bottle at the perfect temperature and this Corkcicle drink cooler makes pouring easy too! What’s not to love about these wine coolers?

Chill Out, Dude!

Just imagine sitting down to chill with your mates and a few cold beers then come to find out that you forgot to put them in the drinks fridge and your cold, cold beers are actually at room temperature? Don’t let that ruin your night! Corkcicle Chillsner beer chiller to the rescue! We all know that beer tastes better ice cold and the Chillsner beer cooler can cool a bottle of beer almost instantaneously! Forget chilled beer glasses or a beer fridge, just keep the Chillsner in the freezer for warm beer emergencies, then add one straight into the beer bottle for a cold beer at a super-fast speed! You can drink the beer with the cooler inside plus it keeps the beer frosty all the way to the last sip…beer fans of the world rejoice!

Ice Cubes are Officially Extinct!

The humble ice cube: it’s been around for a while faithfully chilling our drinks (while also watering them down!), but the next generation in geometrically shaped ice is here with the Corkcicle wedge! Firstly, it just looks cool, but secondly, and perhaps most importantly, the wedge-shaped ice melts more slowly than normal ice cubes giving you more time to enjoy your drink. We recommend it for anything that you would usually drink “on the rocks”!

Corkcicle Australia

If you’ve been wondering where to get Corkcicle products in Australia, you don’t have to look any further! LatestBuy has a great collection of some of Corkcicle’s “greatest hits”; you can get information and make a purchase right from this page.

Corkcicle Gifts

We know you’ll agree that anyone who enjoys a tipple will react well to one of our Corkcicle products as a gift, so stock up and give them for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or just because.

Love a tipple? We do too. This is why you’ll love some of the cool bar essentials designed by the team at Corkcicle. Whether you crave an ice-cold beer after work or you can tell your Chardonnay from your Semillon, these beer and wine inventions are great gifts for adults.

Instant Cold Refreshment

Picked up a few beers on the way back from work or couldn’t find space in the fridge to chill your best bottle of white? Don’t worry, LatestBuy has a quick solution thanks to Corkcicle. Keep one of their unique icicle creations in the freezer and when the hour of need calls, slip into the bottle to instantly cool your beverage to the right temperature. And when you show your guests this must-have party accessory, it won’t just be your drink that feels cool.

Become a Wine Connoisseur

It doesn’t take a genius to know the first rule about vino, that white and rose should be served chilled. But a true wine connoisseur should always follow the second rule, which is to aerate your best bottle of plonk before serving. However, this tradition again falls foul to the busy lives that we lead.

So what if you could instantly aerate your wine too? Well, Corkcicle has got this base covered as well, with innovative designs that allow you to complete this process as you pour, to get that glass of good stuff in your hand ASAP.

Drinks to Go

Packing a romantic picnic for the weekend? Or are you looking for a few camping accessories and essentials to add some class to your next night on the grass? Well if a nice bottle of wine is the key ingredient for that picnic or an overnight getaway, then don’t cheapen your drinks by using a bog-standard travel flask. Corkcicle has just the gift idea to add a splash of magic to your trip in this collection.

If you take your Friday night refreshments seriously and want to gain kudos as a connoisseur of the finest beers and wines, then these brilliant bar gifts are a top choice for special occasions, entertaining, and wine hampers.