Camelbak Water Bottles, Backpacks and Accessories!

Look no further for your Camelbak gear! LatestBuy offers a huge selection of Camelbak bottles, hydration backpacks and accessories for the outdoor life! <p>Join the pro leagues when it comes to hydration with Camelbak bottles, backpacks and accessories! From kids water bottles, to hydration backpacks and more, Camelbak provides dependable hydration when you need it most! Our range of bags, bottles and accessories also make wonderful gift ideas for outdoor enthusiasts!

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Camping & Fishing

MULE LR 15 3L Hydration Pack


Sports & Fitness

Quantico Daypack


Sports & Fitness

Hi-Viz Hydrobak 1.5L


Camping & Fishing

0.4L Eddy Kids Drink Bottle


Travel & Car

Quick Stow Flask


Sports & Fitness

Circuit Hydration Vest 1.5L


Sports & Fitness

Ultra 10 Hydration Vest 2L


Sports & Fitness

Scout 1.5L Hydration Pack


Sports & Fitness

Rogue 2.5L Hydration Pack


Sports & Fitness

Ratchet 3L Hydration Pack


Sports & Fitness

Lobo 3L Hydration Pack


Sports & Fitness

MULE 3L Hydration Pack


Where to Buy Camelbak Products?

You’re looking at it! LatestBuy has a superior range of Camelbak equipment right here in Australia – so no waiting on shipping from overseas! We stock a wide variety of the hydration backpacks that Camelbak is famous for including the classic 2.5L hydration pack plus models with more bells and whistles like the KUDU protector which offers crash protection for mountaineers or cyclists.

Camelbak Water Bottles in Australia

LatesBuy provides an extensive selection of Camelbak Eddy water bottles for adults together with bright and cheerful water bottles for kids from the Camelbak brand. These durable vacuum insulated water bottles offer a spill proof straw and valve system which makes them a great choice for activities like hiking or sports, but they also come in handy for lunch at work or school and even at home to keep on top of your hydration throughout the day. In fact, the Eddy kids line was voted “Best Lunchbox Waterbottle” by the Mom Loves Best website team for its spill proof straw and the fact that it’s dishwashwer safe (hooray!).

What is a Hydration System?

Camelbak is a leader in hydration systems which allow you to remain hydrated over extended periods of time. Camelbak hydration systems are wearable and form part of a backpack with a bladder to store water with a tube and a bite valve to release water. Hydration backpacks are really useful for athletes like runners, cyclists and mountain climbers since they are hands free and offer other features like high visibility fabrics or laptop protection.

LatestBuy – Your Camelbak Australia Contact!

In addition to an impressive selection of Camelbak hydration backpacks and water bottles we also offer Camelbak accessories like replacement bladders, tubes, valves and cleaning brushes.

How to Shop for Camelbak?

There are several ways to shop for Camelbak brand products here at LatestBuy! Each image in the catalogue at the top of this page will take you to a product page where you can see the full product details and add items to your cart! Alternatively, you can click the links in this text or browse our “brands” menu at the top of the page. You can also use the search bar at the top of the page if you are looking for a specific product.

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