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Cigarette Lighter Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit

Bluetooth Hands-free kit with built-in speaker!

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SKU: 1960

The next time you see some numb nut with their mobile phone to their ear while they’re driving – you could yell various obscenities about their IQ or questionable parentage, however, it doesn’t do anything for your blood pressure or make the world a better place. Instead, we suggest you yell “Hey, – Cigarette Lighter Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit”!

It’s a dilemma we’ve all faced at some time or another – driving along in the car, the phone rings – do we let it go to messagebank or risk an accident or fine by answering it. The Cigarette Lighter Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit allows you to take the call safely and legally.

It’s easily installed, simply by plugging the unit into your cigarette lighter socket and pairing it with your mobile phone. You’ll be able to accept or reject calls with the push of a button and thanks to the built-in speaker and microphone there’s no additional parts or wiring required.

You can adjust the speaker volume with a simple dial on the top of the unit and echo cancellation ensures you can make and receive clear calls.

With such a simple and affordable solution, it makes you wondered why you ever took the risk of answering your mobile phone in the car! So, order your Cigarette Lighter Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit now – avoid the fines, avoid accidents and avoid being called a numb nut by other drivers!


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Product dimensions: 21 (H) x 10.2 (W) x 5.5 (D) cm / 8.2 (H) x 4.0 (W) x 2.1 (D) inches.


  • Built-In speaker
  • High quality echo/noise elimination technology
  • Volume adjustment
  • Plays music from your bluetooth device
  • Redial function
  • 12/24v compatible