The True Story of Santa Claus – Why We Love Him

For most Americans, Christmas comes and goes in four short weeks. Christmas is about giving gifts, especially for kids and the toys they ask for, but most of all, it is a time to thank God for granting their parents’ and their children’s life with Him. Christmas is a time for giving, sharing, and charity. […]

All About Santa Claus – Who is the Man in Red?

an old man with a white beard wearing red

Santa Claus, known officially as Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, or just Santa, is a mythological figure originating from Western Christian culture that brings presents to children, well-behaved kids, and naughty children alike on Christmas Eve. He is portrayed as fat with a red suit, white face, long beard, and red hat, often carrying a basket […]

Awesome Gift Ideas for Father-in-Laws on Christmas

grandpa sitting near the beach his gradchild

Christmas is just around the corner, and it can be hard to come up with a gift for your father-in-law. You might not know him as well as you know your husband, so you may be struggling with what to give him for his special day. There are plenty of great options available to you, […]

Best Gifts for Teenage Boys for Christmas

a group of young boys walking in a street on daytime

A teenage boy’s Christmas gift ideas and wish list can be challenging to predict. They want something they don’t have, something they need, and something that has the potential to surprise them. This article will help you find a present for your male teenager this year! First off, let’s talk about what he doesn’t want […]

Great Gifts to Get for Grandpa This Christmas

a grandpa carrying his grandchild

You know you always look for some of the best gifts you could give your grandpa for Christmas. Here are a few of our top picks! If you’re looking for something that he will love, then consider buying him a new watch with interchangeable straps in his favourite colour. Another great idea is to get […]

DIY Christmas Gifts for Brother

It is that time of year when people start to think about what they should buy for the people on their Christmas list. One thing many people neglect, though, is their brothers. So why don’t you put in a little bit of extra effort this year and make something for them? From homemade gift cards […]

Cute Things to Do With Your Boyfriend on Christmas

a man kissing a woman's forehead

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and especially couples. It can be challenging to find the perfect gift for your significant other, but we have some creative ideas that will make it easier than ever. One of the best things you could do is spend quality time with them! This means taking turns […]

The Reasons Behind Giving Gifts on Christmas

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People give gifts on Christmas like Borat Mankini to show that they care and are thinking of the other person. It’s also a way to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who was born on December 25th. It’s a time-honoured tradition to give gifts on Christmas. Even though it has pagan roots, the holiday is […]

Why We Give Gifts on Christmas

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The tradition of exchanging gifts at Christmas is almost as old as the holiday itself, dating back to the early 1300s. The Christian Orthodox monks and nuns started to commemorate Christ’s birth similarly to other holidays in honour of pagan gods like Saturnalia and Mithraism. However, in the Western Christian world, the custom has been […]