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A lot of the important stuff happens at 18 in Australia, so turning 21 isn’t what it used to be, but we still have lots of 21st birthday ideas to do justice to this special event and commemorate it in the right way. From 21st birthday gifts “me to you” for your boyfriend or girlfriend to 21st birthday gifts for her or him with ideas for relatives and friends. LatestBuy has 21st birthday ideas to celebrate this birthday the 21st century way with unique gifts in the technology category as well as fun novelty and gag gifts plus exciting gifts from favourite TV programmes and films.

What Are Good 21st Birthday Gifts for My Boyfriend?

LatestBuy has many inspirations for 21st birthday ideas with boyfriends in mind. Whether your guy is a “couch potato” or a “hot romantic” you are guaranteed to find just the right 21st birthday gifts for your boyfriend. From “awww” to “awww yeah!” you can find something he’ll love on our site. Use our handy “By Personality” feature to pick out something special just for him.

Why Do We Celebrate 21st Birthdays?

It’s a good question: why do we celebrate turning 21? You can do most things legally at age 18 nowadays, but the 21st birthday is still pretty much universally celebrated in Australia and we’re here to help with 21st birthday ideas of what to do to keep the tradition alive! Browse our selection of fun 21st birthday ideas for a boy or girl or get ideas for a 21st birthday gift by flicking through our site by department. You’ll find 21st birthday ideas for a girl who likes to party or 21st birthday ideas for a guy who likes big boy toys.

What Are “Kids” Into These Days?

If your own 21st birthday was more years ago than you care to admit, you might be wondering “what is a good 21st birthday gift these days?” Well, some things don’t change and drinking gifts are still a big hit whether you’re in search of 21st birthday gifts for a male or 21st birthday gifts for a girl in your family, a cheeky blinged out champagne glass or an engraved beer mug could be just the ticket!

Technology gifts are popular among the young adult crowd; check out our “Techno Junkie” selections to find 21st birthday gifts for a female or male who is surgically attached to their gadgets. On the other hand, if you’d rather let them make their own choice, gift cards from LatestBuy make perfect 21st birthday gifts for a boy or a girl!

21st Birthday Party Ideas

Excellent 21st party ideas can range from elaborate themed affairs to a good old knees up at the local pub or even just hanging out with a few mates. LatestBuy has 21st birthday party ideas for all. Just don’t be Australia’s police 21st century challenge! Do the right thing at the 21st birthday and keep it safe.

Check out our “Brands” selections if you need inspiration for 21st birthday themes. Find fun props and gifts from Dr Who, Star Trek, The Walking Dead and more. Take your 21st birthday party themes to epic level with lights and other 21st birthday decorations that are suitably 21st century like miniature LED disco balls or Bluetooth speakers. Oh, and don’t worry about 21st birthday invitations, not many do that these days! Just send an email or text.

What Are the Best Tech Toys for 21st Birthday Presents?

If you’re still stumped for great 21st birthday gift ideas to complement Australia’s transport and communication innovations, pick out some 21st birthday presents to accessorize a mobile phone. Pretty much 100% of today’s 21-year olds have a mobile of some sort so a phone accessory is a great practical gift. Emergency chargers, earphones, car mounts, speakers…the choice is yours! They are all here at LatestBuy and are great gifts for dad or mum to give!

Personalised Gifts for 21st Birthday

If you’re shopping for personalised gifts for her or men, we have some sweet 21st birthday ideas and you won’t need Australia’s Prime Ministers to tell you that these 21st present ideas are the best out there! Search our site for “personalised” gifts to see a variety of birthday present ideas for a boyfriend or personalise in other ways by picking one of our gift ideas that suits the birthday boy or girl’s tastes or by purchasing 21st present ideas and making them your own. Get one of our 21st birthday photo frames and add a special picture or pick out a hip flask and fill it with their favourite beverage. It’s OK to be creative!

Gifts for Girls on their 21st Birthday

Birthday gifts for her on her 21st are no problem! You will find many amazing 21st gift ideas for her here at LatestBuy; ranging from sweet and sensible gifts to dazzling gifts that will make her laugh. Look for a link to shop “By Personality” to get something for her unique character or find 21st birthday ideas she’ll adore in our “Women” selection. All of these gifts do equally well as hens party ideas at home. There is so much choice that it’s hard not to find gift ideas for women here!

How Can I Get Awesome 21st Birthday Gifts at LatestBuy

It’s not hard, there are several ways to shop for all the best 21st birthday gifts here at LatestBuy:

  • Scroll up to see our 21st birthday gift suggestions
  • Go directly to your destination with our search function
  • Choose to shop by Person, Personality or Department by using the menu bar at the top of the page
  • If you’re looking for a certain brand or memorabilia from a film or TV programme, look for our “Brand” page

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21st birthday presents should be unforgettable and LatestBuy has an array of 21st birthday present ideas that will compliment this momentous occasion! From thoughtful and practical gifts for her, a Christmas gift for your boyfriend through to fun novelty items that make perfect 21st birthday gift ideas for women – you’ll have plenty of items to choose from.

Remember that 21st birthday gift ideas should encapsulate the once in a lifetime momentous occasion that you are helping to celebrate. So get a gift that the birthday girl or guy will be able to look back on with fondness and humour – it’s the only chance you’ll have because they only turn 21 once! A quality birthday gift for her isn’t as hard as it sounds! If they’re still more young than old, then birthday gift ideas for teenage girls could be a better place to browse. Wherever you start, you’ll guarantee yourself enough gift basket ideas for women to keep you going a very long while!