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What a difference a year makes. The saying may be overused but if you’ve nearly reached your baby’s 1st birthday then you’ll know that truer words were never said! Once you’ve recovered from the shock of how fast 365 days (or 366 in a leap year) can go, find a great present for this milestone birthday from our collection below.

Make their World Magical

Now that your baby is growing from a bundle of warmth into an avid explorer who is toddling around the house (be it crawling, walking or a mixture of both!), make his or her world even more magical with some of these fantastic presents. Ignite their senses with soft toys and mesmerising night lights that will turn their bedtimes into brilliant moments and make sure that they’re never scared of the dark.

Baby Birthday Bash

Celebrate this momentous milestone by getting the family and friends together for your baby’s 1st birthday party. Although they might be a few years off pass the parcel and karaoke, it’s a great excuse to have everyone over and surprise that tot with bubbles, music, balloons and other amazing party accessories that they won’t have seen before. Plus, if you have lots of other friends with babies and toddlers, it’s a chance to let them socialise!

Impress the Parents

If you’re shopping for that friend’s, sister’s, daughter’s or other relative’s baby, you might find it funny how so much effort goes into choosing presents for a birthday that they won’t even remember. But you can be sure that the parents will, so it’s important to pick out something special for the baby’s first celebration. From bespoke plush toys to sentimental gifts and keepsakes you will be spoilt for choice with birthday present ideas for baby presents.

Take a chance to step back and reflect on the rollercoaster ride of your baby’s first year by throwing a 1st birthday party, treating them to a new present, or celebrating with loved ones as your little boy or girl grows into a toddler with a few baby-sized steps.