Brilliant Back to School Gifts

Combat those groans and moans when term begins again this summer by treating them to some great back to school gifts, toys, gadgets and <a href=”/brand/packit/”>cooler bags</a> that will make those Monday mornings a walk in the park. From educational fun to playground must-haves, we’ve got school sorted.

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Educational Toys

Galileo Thermometer


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Educational Gifts for All

Why should the teacher have all the fun when it comes to helping your little ones learn? Teaching your children new things can be a great way to spend time with your boy or girl and can fill up those evenings and weekend with educational fun. From solar powered robots to scientific projects that they can expand their knowledge with, we make learning cool with some epic toys for girls and boys. So whether they’re starting primary school or working on their science skills for secondary school, we’ve got suitable gifts for all ages.

Early Bird Catches the Worm

If you face the daily battle of getting your kids out of bed in the morning, be victorious whilst making sure they wake up with a smile by purchasing a cool alarm clock for kids, that will have them eager to set their alarm nice and early. From novelty clocks to futuristic digital clocks, we hope you’ll give us top marks for the huge range of alarm clocks on our website!

Send Them Off to School

Any Mum or Dad will know that shopping for back to school bits and bobs doesn’t end with the uniform. There’s also stationery to buy, packed lunches to think about and that’s before they tell you what the latest must-have playground accessory is this season. But don’t panic, LatestBuy has an affordable range of accessories for primary school and secondary school even adult lunch boxes, making us your one stop shop for the kids and kids at heart!

Get prepared for the school year ahead and find everything you need (and they want) in our back to school gift guide below. Whether you need a lunch cooler bag for school lunches and their pencil case, tote bags, things to keep them occupied on an evening, or the latest toys and accessories on the playground, we’ve already done our homework so that you don’t have to!