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Asobu Tea Party Mug Set

Make tea, not war!

Say it isn't so!

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SKU: 13334

If you’re like me and you love you tea, then let it be all it’s slated to be! This beautifully crafted tea mug and saucer set with stainless steel infuser is exactly what any tea connoisseur deserves.

Make the best of brews and enjoy a cup of the finest every time. This unusual Asobu bottle tea party gift set has a dual purpose lid that can be flipped to serve as a saucer. No more unsightly marks on wooden surfaces!

Because the tea mug is made from high qualitea recyclable heat-resistant glass, it means your tea stays hotter for longer. It also means you can wrap your cold hands around a delicious steaming cup without scalding yourself!

Between you and me and the deep blue sea, I guarantee this is the Ferrari of tea party sets. It’s like having a teapot in a cup. Because the glass is crystal clear, you get to watch the tannins as they draw.

They say a woman is like a cup of tea. You never know how strong she is until hot water is added. So if you know a strong woman who loves her tea, order online today. It will suit her to a tea!


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Dimensions (Product): 16.5 (H) x 8.2 (diameter) cm.

Product features:

  • Heat resistant glass tea set
  • 450ml capacity
  • Includes glass saucer, lid w/ stainless steel infuser & heat resistant mug