Artlicious Pillow Cases

Artlicious Pillow Cases

Don't be boring in the bedroom!

Don’t be boring in bed! Spice up your bedroom with these high quality designer pillowcases – you’ll absolutely fall in love with the artwork. During our lifetimes we spend a large portion of that time in bed, so why not express yourself in your sleep.

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Product Description

For far too long the pillow case has taken a back seat in the whole manchester story – always overshadowed by fancy doona cover designs and decorative throw pillows! Now Artlicious Pillow Cases are finally placing pillows at the head of the bed!

You simply could not find a more romantic gift for your Valentine, any day of the year! They are the ultimate couples gift! From him to her or her to him, Artlicious Pillow Cases let where you lay your head reflect what’s actually IN your head as well! They say what’s going on in your mind, without you even being awake.

These two cute designs will make your honey-bunny’s heart sing (and your flatmates puke). Make up your bed with the “King and Queen” and you never know what might be on the cards! Slip “LOVE” on your pillows and it will definitely melt their heart.

Artlicious Pillow Cases

A word of warning to the single person who might be thinking about ordering (not that we’d stop you of course!) – if you think you’re going to get lucky, make sure you change your pillow cases back to plain before you go out. They could seem just a little eager (or creepy) if you bring your special new someone home.

As a fun anniversary present or even a quirky wedding gift – Artlicious Pillow Cases will add fun to any bedroom. Go ahead and order yours now. Then when your partner lies awake, lovingly watching you snoring like a freight train and dribbling out the side of your mouth – they’ll still think of you just as fondly.

Product dimensions: 51(H) x 81(W) cm / 20(H) x 32(W) inches.

  • Matching set of high quality standard size pillowcases
  • 210 thread count
  • 73% cotton / 27% nylon