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Aqua Phone Case

Underwater selfies, anyone?

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SKU: 1901

Smartphones might be pretty damn clever, but it’s a wonder that they haven’t been made waterproof – or at least water-resistant – yet. If you freak out about your iPhone or Blackberry breaking every time it rains or snows, then you’ll be relieved to know that LatestBuy has an ingenious solution. The Aqua Phone Case is a gadget-lover’s best friend, and is perfect for days at the pool and beach.

Protect your bubble by investing in a form-fitting case with a strong rubber seal, that wraps your smartphone in a waterproof layer for unlimited fun in the sun (and rain!). Locking out water, sand, snow and dust, the sensitive Perspex skin registers touch, so that you can use your iPhone or Blackberry just as normal without worrying about splashes and dirt.

Compatible with iPhone 2, 3G, 3GS and 4, as well as most Blackberry models, this handy case is a top phone accessory to put you in control of your smartphone at all times. Just place your beloved gadget safely inside, and the hinged case is 100% waterproof up to depths of 1 metre. So you can multitask once more and capture those underwater antics on your camera… synchronised swimming and underwater selfies anyone?


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Product dimensions: 12 (H) x 6 (W) x 2 (D) cm / 4.7 (H) x 2.3 (W) x 0.78 (D) inches.

Product features :

  • Waterproof, protective and slim form-fitting design
  • Hinged case with touch-sensitive Perspex skin and a durable rubber seal
  • Guaranteed waterproof to depths of 1metre
  • Make and receive calls like normal when your phone is in the case (please note: no calls can be made under water)
  • Touch screen works through waterproof case
  • Allows for underwater video
  • Please note: This case is compatible with iPhone 2, 3G, 3GS & 4. Also compatible with Blackberry.