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Saturator AK47 Automatic Water Pistol

Super soaking action!

Say it isn't so!

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SKU: 2263

Remember the last time your mate ambushed you with a super-soaker? Well, sweet, sweet revenge is at hand in the form of the Saturator AK47 Automatic Water Pistol. [Insert evil manic laugh here.]

Pull on your John Rambo singlet and headband and unleash your rain of fire (well, water)!  The Saturator AK47 Automatic Water Pistol pumps out four rounds a second – so they’ll be riddled with ‘water bullets’ before they know what hit them!  And with enough ammunition to keep firing for 60 seconds, your revenge is as relentless as it is swift. [Insert evil manic laugh here.]

Fully licensed by M.T. Kalashnikov (man that’s a fun word to say), the AK47 Automatic Water Pistol is made from clear plastic so you can admire the inner workings of a military masterpiece. With a removable water cartridge, you can be back on the attack before they can say “hey, did you wet my pants, or did I?” [Insert evil manic laugh here.]

With not a pump-action in sight, just 4 AA batteries (not included) – you can save your energy for more accurate firing. And with a range up to 8 metres, they’ll never get close enough to disarm you!

Water warfare is a serious business, if you’re going to win, you’re going to need superior fire…oops…water power. Anything less than the Kalashnikov (so cool) AK47 Automatic Water Pistol is as weak as…well, you know. [Insert one last loud, long, evil manic laugh here.]


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Approximate Product dimensions (including packaging): 28(H) x 40(W) x 5(D) cm / 11(H) x 15.7(W) x 1.9(D) inches.

The AK47 Aqua Fire Water Pistol is unlike any other water pistol on the market. This high powered soaker is perfect for all who demand the power but hate the pumping!

Product features:

  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Fully motorised; No pumping required
  • Shoots 4 bullets of water every second
  • Safety switch
  • Clear casing to see the auto-fire mechanism
  • Volume: 300ml
  • Time to empty clip : 60 seconds
  • Range: Up to 6 metres