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Glam Miss MacGyver Tool Kit

Multi tools for the mighty woman.

No need to wait for a man to fix something for you. If the mullet sporting handyman of your dreams is not about then just whip out your own tools and do it for yourself. This handy five piece tool set conceals 45 different functions.
Sure, you can disarm a nuclear warhead with a toothpick, survive a 10 storey freefall without even breaking a sweat and create a satellite phone from a banana and a hair pin. After all, you're a woman!

But just imagine what you're capable of if you've actually had the right tools for the job. The Miss MacGyver Tool Kit has been designed for the girl who likes to get things done. And done in style.

Let's face it, when it comes to guys and tools, it's "the bigger the better". 128 piece sets of this and that in toolboxes you need a crane just to pick up. The Miss MacGyver Tool Kit is just five funky pieces that will fit in your handbag – all in glorious feminine fabulous pink!

At first glance you'll see a hammer, 2 sets of pliers, shifting spanner and a pocket knife – but on closer inspection you'll see it's actually 45 different tools! There's scissors, screwdrivers (flat and Philips head), wire cutters, files, knives, openers, ruler, cork screw (absolutely essential to avoid a cocktail hour disaster!) and much more.

So you can do everything from fix an earring or bracelet to hanging a picture, from carving a sculpture to trimming your nails or converting your man's shed into a day spa. OK, you might want to allow more than an hour on that one and possibly employ a professional (or possibly a divorce lawyer).

If you know a smart, sassy, capable, get-things-done-kinda gal (yes, it could be you!) – give her the Miss MacGyver Tool Kit to match.

The Miss MacGyver Tool Kit features 45 different functions contained within 5 different tools. It also comes with two pink belt pouches to store and carry the 5 tools.

Functions include: Hammer, pliers, shifting spanner, pocket knife, scissors, flat and Phillips head screwdrivers, wire cutters, files, knives, openers, corkscrew, ruler, auger plus many, many more.

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