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Waboba Ball

The magic beach ball that skips and floats on water!

Forget beach cricket and beach volleyball - the Woboba Ball is taking the beach gaming world by storm! Made from polymer gel and finished with an elastane coating, this ball effortlessly bounces of the waters surface providing hours of fast paced fun.

Waboba BallCollect up all your pool toys, gather all your beach games and give them to, ooh, let's see - who cares?! You certainly won't! Not once you've got your hands on the Waboba Ball!

The Waboba Ball is a 21st Century sensation – it's the ball that bounces on water! In fact, Waboba is Swahili for "water wonder" (well who knows, it could be). It could also be short for water-bounce-ball. Again, who cares!?! You'll be too busy playing with it to be wondering about the name!

The Waboba Ball is made from a special mix of polymer based gel and has an elastane coating, which incredibly makes it easily bounce and float on water. Forget skimming stones on the pond – the Waboba Ball will bounce from one side to the other! Now, that'd be a fun game, wouldn't it?!

Waboba BallRemember playing catch in the pool with the kid next door who couldn't throw? You spent the whole time watching as the ball just went "sploot" in front of you. Those days are over! With the Waboba Ball you can play handball in the water! A spot of water tennis anyone? No more beach softball or even cricket – leave the sand behind, because it's "game on" in the surf!

Just throw your towel over your shoulder, pop a Waboba Ball in your pocket and you're good to go. Just call a huddle! Are you ready team? One, two, three, Waboba!!

Product dimensions: 5.5(H) x 5.5(W) x 5.5(D) cm / 2.25(H) x 2.25(W) x 2.25(D) inches.

The Waboba ball is made from a polymer based gel covered with an elastane coating. This special design allows the ball to skip on the waters surface easily and gives the ball extra buoyancy.

The Waboba Ball is neon orange/grey in colour for high visibility, suitable for two players or more and recommended for ages 8 years and above.

Playing with the Waboba Ball:

Just for Fun
The easiest way to have fun with a Waboba Ball is to simply throw it so that it bounces on the water between you. Try different angles, catching it with one hand, bouncing it on waves etc...

Waboba BallWaboba Ball Beach Game
The idea of the game is to pass between team members, three in each team, without loosing the ball to the other team. When all team members have caught the ball at least once, without interruption and with at least one bounce on water in each pass, the team gets one point (one round). The opposing team shall try to interrupt passes and start passing within their team. First team to three rounds wins the match. You have to pass the ball within 5 seconds after receiving it. It is allowed to tackle opponents, but not the player that has the ball. You are not allowed to hold an opponent.

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