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USB Pole Dancer

She dances to your typing.

USB devices today come in all shapes and sizes - but we bet you never imagined one to be sporting a bikini! This cute, flirtatious blonde brings a smile and some cheer to both the home and office with her cheeky dance routine, flashing lights and music.
It sounds like the ultimate male fantasy - a Pole Dancer on your desk everyday. In fact, many men would like to see it included as part of the standard workplace agreement (we're putting it to the boss tomorrow!). Well, it's finally within your grasp – so to speak.

The USB Pole Dancer is the pole dancer you can admit to when everyone's watching! Just plug her into your USB port and start typing. As you type – she performs. The lights flash, the music plays and your bikini-clad blonde performs her routine. And there's no need to go tucking dollars anywhere (we read somewhere, they do that), the faster you type, the faster this cheeky minx dances!

How should we describe it – Alluring? Appealing? Actually, "hilarious" is probably the most accurate! Which makes her a great Secret Santa gift – or a truly memorable corporate gift! She's kitsch with a capital K, and cute with a capital Coochee-Coo!

The more you press the keyboard buttons, the more she'll press yours. The software includes a daily word count, including your top 5 performances and you can play a word count game, testing your words per minute. So there's your defence against any office prudes who want to complain about her performance – you can simply say she's improving yours!

She's cute – she's flirtatious and she's probably the closest you're ever going to get to having the real thing at your workplace! Improve (we dare not say "raise") the productivity in your office with the USB Pole Dancer.

NOTE: Tiny money and over priced drinks not included.

The USB Pole Dancer has a base diameter of approximately 9.5 cm and is about 18 cm tall.

It is compatible with most PCs, features lights and music and comes with installation software on CD.

The pole dancer twirls while you type - the faster you type the faster she dances.

Check this video out!

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