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Paper Travel Soap

Cleanliness is next to healthiness.

This paper range of cleaners is perfect for those on the move. Simple to use, simply add water to one of the dissolving paper sheets to produce the cleaning agent you require - soap, shampoo, shaving foam or laundry detergent.

They're a backpacker's best friend, a lifesaver for frequent flyers and a camper's dream come true.

The Paper Travel Soap range of personal products is perfect for anyone who wants to travel light and fly right – because they're all suitable to slip into your carry-on luggage.

No more bulky bottles of shampoo, conditioner or shaving cream to leak from your lacy knickers to your leather shoes. No more packing slippery wet soap that turns to mush. No more forking out for a whole box of laundry powder, when you only need to wash your socks and underwear.

Standard Soap, Shampoo Soap, Shaving Soap and Laundry Soap – are single dissolvable sheets (each pack contains 30) that give you just the amount you need. Compact, convenient and easy to use, you'll have plenty more room in your bag for your duty-free!

Safe for airline carry-on luggageStandard Soap is much more hygienic and fragranced with Wild Rose. They can even be slipped into your handbag for everyday use.

Shampoo Soap comes in Fresh Mint and can even be used in sea water!

Shaving Soap gives you a great lather and fresh Citrus scent.

And Laundry Soap will leave your smalls smelling fresh, with Ocean fragrance!

Paper Travel Soap products make a great Bon Voyage gift or if you're off on an outback adventure, slip these into your camping gear.

Standard Soap, Shampoo Soap, Shaving Soap and Laundry Soap – sheets ahead for the smart traveller.

Each packet of Paper Travel Soap contains 30 dissolving paper soap sheets.

To use, simply add water to a sheet to produce the cleaning agent you require.

  • Standard Soap - Wild Rose scented
  • Shampoo Soap - Fresh Mint scented
  • Shaving Soap - Citrus scented
  • Laundry Soap - Ocean scented

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