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FRED Chewing Gum Magnets

Something worth chewing over.

Stick around, you might learn something... This set of four fridge magnets look like used pieces of chewed up gum, but each contains a high powered magnet encased inside. Imagine peoples faces when they see your shopping list hanging from a piece of gum!

Rule No. 1 of being a good house guest – DO NOT stick your chewing gum under the host's coffee table or chairs. Why? Because it belongs on their FRIDGE that's why!

Chewing Gum Magnets are rude, chewed and will create quite a stir on your fridge!

These magnets are the spitting image (no pun intended) of the real deal – they even come in four different "flavours" with a high-power magnet moulded inside every one. So you can post your note with peppermint, stick up your pics with spearmint, bubble gum your bills or give this weekend's party invite the tutti-frutti treatment!

Chewing Gum MagnetsAlways a big fan of the visual gag, we here at Latest Buy can personally recommend the "mouth to fridge" move. Tell your flatmate "I'll just leave the rent cheque on the fridge" – then hiding your magnet in your hand, fake the take from the mouth, plant it straight on the front-free refrigerator and watch their jaw hit the floor! (Now, of course, we don't recommend this move if you're already on thin ice – but then again, if you are, this may ensure you go out in style!)

Chewing Gum Magnets are a great gift for the "fun at heart" – especially as a house-warming present! While they may never make the pages of a Home Beautiful spread, they do provide a whole wad of personality.

Chewing Gum Magnets put the "practical" in practical joke – and they'll never get stuck to your hair or your shoe!

Chewing Gum Magnets look like used chewing gum wads and come as a set of four, each in a different colour - bubble gum, spearmint, peppermint and tutti-frutti.

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