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Scriptease Duvet Cover

Interactive Adult Novelty Bed Cover enabling Messages to be left on a Bed

This interactive adult novelty duvet cover enables you to put the fun into its functionality by allowing naughty or important stick-on messages to be left on the cover itself.
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Scriptease Duvet Cover
Communication with your significant other is absolutely essential for in-the-sack fun and sometimes you just need to spell it out.

But since body language can be difficult to understand and a game of Scrabble is not usually conducive to a naughty night in, the Scriptease Duvet Cover may be exactly what you’re after.

Simple but stylish in its overall look, this adult novelty duvet cover is actually interactive – it features three long Velcro strips and 120 stick-on letters to play with, enabling you to put the fun into your duvet’s functionality.

Lie down for a quick spelling bee or simply get "write" down to business - the Scriptease Duvet Cover is a unique way to make a statement in your boudoir, whatever your mood.

Scriptease Duvet Cover
But the Scriptease isn’t limited to scripting love scenes only – use it to jot down your shopping list, important phone numbers, reminders, or even to create a customised welcome message to your visitors in a guest bedroom...and be as direct or as cryptic as you please - your messages are limited only by your imagination and of course, spelling ability.

But whatever you choose to write, it’s probably a good idea to keep all of the letters you aren’t using in a safe place so you don’t lose them. Having to substitute lost letters with others may leave you with some explaining - "You sock my world".

The Scriptease Duvet Cover comes in Queen/Double size only and includes 1 x duvet cover, 2 x pillow cases and 120 x Scriptease stick-ons.

The Scriptease Duvet cover is machine washable and is made from high quality poly-cotton.

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