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Squinkies Bubble Pack

Which lovable and collectable Squinkies will you get?

Ignite your little girl's imagination with squishy, lovable and collectable Squinkies! As part of the Squinkies collection each Bubble Pack contains 16 soft and squishy figures that are so cute you'll want to collect them all! Which Squinkie will you get?
Squinkies from LatestBuy Move over tamagotchi and Polly Pockets! The latest and greatest craze for every little girl is Squinkies! Squishy, squooshy Squinkies! These teensy, tiny toys are taking the world by storm, capturing the imagination and stealing the hearts of children everywhere.

Squinkies characters come in almost every shape and form! From puppies, kittens and ponies, to princesses, mermaids, monkeys and bees! Furniture, starfish – there’s literally hundreds to please! Each Squinkie is contained in the classic vending machine style surprise bubble that your little ones love. Not only that, you can make your Squinkies into charm bracelets, wear them as rings or use them as pencil toppers.

And to keep your squishy Squinkies even safer (and make them even more fun) there’s all manner of vending machine “houses” to store them in and dispense them daily for hours of fun. Including the Gumball Surprise Playhouse, Cupcake Surprise Playhouse, Teapot Twister Playset and Gumball Twister Playset.

You can buy a set and keep them for treats or special occasions – reward your kids for good work or behaviour with a Squinkies Surprise. Week by week, their chores and homework will be rewarded with their growing collection of Squinkies! They can swap them, share them and enjoy them with friends and they’re small enough to take with you wherever you go, to bust the boredom and keep them busy!

Ignite your little girl’s imagination with squooshy, squishy, lovable, collectable Squinkies!

Approximate product dimensions: 20.3 (H) x 9.4 (W) x 19.1 (D) cm / 8 (H) x 3.7 (W) x 7.5 (D) inches.


  • Each bubble pack includes 16 different Squinkies
  • Booklet included with numbered figures for easy collectability
  • 100's of Squinkies to collect
  • Bubble packs can be used to refill Squinkie machines

Please note: Bubble packs contains small parts and are not suitable for children under 3 years old.

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