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Clever Peg

Makes hanging up the laundry a no brainer.

Forget smart cars, smart bombs and smart cards...and make way for
the smart peg. This clever little Aussie invention makes hanging up
the laundry a no brainer. Features a unique double-ended action and no
metal parts which means no rust!
There are many inventors who might look at the humble clothes peg and say "it's been done" and not give it a second thought. Of course, these are possibly the same inventors who own an environmentally-unsound clothes dryer.

Luckily for us, there was a bunch of Aussies who looked at the humble clothes peg and said – "We can do better". And so, the Clever Peg was born.

Unique double-ended design...Whichever way you grab the Clever Peg – is the right way! (Great for people with disabilities such as arthritic fingers and diminished eyesight.) The smart resin components mean no rusting of springs and no staining of clothes! And you know those pesky peg marks that just won't iron out? The Clever Peg saves your clothes and your temper, minimising impressions.

And we haven't even gotten to the best, or the most "clever" part of Clever Pegs yet! Not only does the wide aperture (that's inventor talk for how wide the peg can spread) mean that there's no more struggling with bulky garments – the Clever Peg will also save you space! You can now peg vertically as well as horizontally – so you can peg one shirt under another! Create a daisy-chain of your smalls!

We told you they were clever didn't we? Within this one little funky piece of resin lies the secret to fewer marks, more space and faster pegging of your laundry!

We'd say it's perfect for young mums, unit dwellers and those with disabilities – but it's also perfect for anyone who wears clothes! So, order your Clever Pegs now. Coz let's face it, they've got your laundry issues completely pegged!

Clever Pegs feature a unique double-ended design which allows the peg to be used at either end.

Clever Pegs are approximately 8(L) x 1.5(W) x 2(H) cm in size, sold in lots of 100 pegs and are light green in colour.

Clever Pegs contain no metal parts - which means goodbye to rust stains. Clever Pegs utilise available space by allowing you to hang items vertically underneath each other.

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