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Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys

Unhatch a hidden life today!

Sea-Monkeys are time-travellers waiting in their biological time capsules, for their strange journey into the future - unhatch a hidden life today!
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Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys

Sea-Monkeys® are true miracles of nature - existing in suspended animation within their tiny eggs for many years, they hatch to life with one of life's real necessities...water.

Technically referred to as "Artemia NYOS", Sea-Monkeys® are a hybrid species of brine shrimp. Instant-life crystals preserve their viability and help to further extend their un-hatched life span.

Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys

Similar to owning an aquarium full of fish, Sea-Monkeys® are said to have a calming effect. Picture a tank on your desk at work with your Sea-Monkeys® frolicking around their themed environment - they may very well be the best way of calling on your creative side and getting you to think outside the box.

Sea-Monkeys® are both quiet and easy to care for - requiring only weekly feeding, the best thing about them is that you'll rarely need to clean up after them.

With a crystal clear magnifying lid on each aquarium, you'll be able to watch your Sea-Monkeys® grow and frolic through majestic arches of a mystical magic castle or explore Mars, the Red Planet.

Each Sea-Monkey aquarium includes:Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys

  • live Sea-Monkey® eggs,
  • growth food,
  • accu-measure spoon,
  • magnifier; and
  • Sea-Monkey® handbook... there's no excuse to not know things such as Sea-Monkeys® breathe through their feet and adults have three eyes.

For further information such as frequently asked questions and feeding, cleaning and reproducing Sea-Monkeys®, please visit the official Sea-Monkeys website.

Sea-Monkeys® are recommended for ages 6 and upwards.

The optional add-on Food/Growth Kit includes a single packet of original sea-monkeys water purifier, instant live eggs and growth food. A single magnifier and food cup are also included - in other words everything you need to help hatch and take care of your instant pets.

Please note: Sea-Monkey aquariums should not be placed near electrical appliances. Please read the instructions carefully on how to grow and maintain Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys® - these are real live pets, not a toy and should be cared for accordingly.

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