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Tornado R/C Hovercraft

The ultimate RC toy for land, water and snow.

Hover over land, water and snow - all on a cushion of air. This could be the closest thing you'll get to the real thing. If not, it's still a heck of a lot cheaper.
If you put one honking big fan for a cushion of air together with two smaller fans for some directional control, what you'll have, apart from the potential to turn a bad hair day into a nightmare, is a vehicle that'll cruise from land to water and back again with ease.

Even today, people are fascinated with this simple, yet astounding ability of hovercrafts to tackle land, water and pretty much everything else in between. Maybe it's the fact that some of us, as kids, witnessed first hand this cushion of air effect as part of some primary school science lesson

Whatever the reason for our fascination, this rechargeable radio controlled version will offer hours of play on bitumen, concrete, tile or other smooth surfaces. Give the Tornado R/C Hovercraft some room to move and its two turbo-fans will have it zipping along at a pretty decent pace.

Take the Tornado R/C Hovercraft off-road and into your nearest pond or lake and you'll really start to appreciate the versatility of this RC toy. Everything's included to get you hovering right away - a hovercraft with impact resistant rubber skirting, full function remote controller, 9V battery, 9.6V Ni-Cd battery pack and AC battery recharger.

Real hovercrafts are a pretty rare sight and even if you do see one, it isn't often you'll get to ride in it, so it makes sense to keep this remote controlled version handy whenever you get the urge to rekindle the excitement you first felt when learning about hovercrafts.

The Tornado R/C Hovercraft is a full function radio control toy. The included RC controller allows you to stop and control the hovercraft forwards, backwards, left and right. This hovercraft is not intended to be used over rough surfaces (and yes, that includes your lawn / garden and any body of water with more than the smallest of ripples or waves).

5-6 hours is required to fully charge the included Ni-Cd battery pack before first use - this will provide up to 30 minutes of continuous play, after which the battery pack will need re-charging. Please do not allow the battery pack to completely drain while your hovercraft is over water, as this increases the likelihood of damage.

  • Recommended for ages 5 and up.
  • Operating frequency: 27MHz.
  • Length: 330mm.
Please note: The Tornado R/C Hovercraft is shipped in a number of different bodywork styles according to available stock. This product is not for children under 3 years of age as some parts represent a choking hazard. Batteries should not be recharged beyond the recommended time frame.

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