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Inflatable R/C Sumo Wrestlers

Battle it out with these big boys.

Nokotta! Japanese for "It's not over yet" - and it won't be once you and a friend get your hands on a pair of these ridiculously rotund wrestlers. Best out of three? Best out of five?... You'll never want to stop once you get them going.
The Japanese art of Sumo Wrestling is steeped in rich tradition – surrounded by sacred custom and ritual - for thousands of years, Sumo's ample warriors have been worshipped across the ancient land of the rising sun. It would be a very brave (or stupid) human being that laughs in the face of such bone-crushing strength. That's why we at LatestBuy prefer our Sumo's a little more on the "bonsai" sized side (so we can giggle all day without being flattened).

Meet our Remote Control Battling Inflatable Sumo Wrestlers! The latest in the rather bizarre wave of sumo-related entertainment.

Choose your 32cm high thong-clad warrior and take up the controls. The two front buttons take him forward – the two back buttons, you guessed it, reverse – and one of each sends him into a turbo spin!

What makes these foot-high fighters so funny that you'll want to fall off your futon? Is it the ability to control their every move? Is it the fact that they're inflatable? Is it their little voices yelling "Hakke-yoi!" or "Nokotta!", just like the real Sumo referees do, at random intervals? OR, maybe just maybe, could the funniest thing be the position in which they've placed the air valve!! (Certainly the most amusing for any by-standers!)

Order these bonsai-sized blow-up boys now and they might even improve your love life! After all, who can resist the softly whispered words - "You wanna come up and see my Remote Control Battling Inflatable Sumo Wrestlers?" Hakke-yoi!

The Inflatable R/C Sumo Wrestlers set includes two 32cm tall inflatable Sumo Wrestlers and two controllers.

Each controller requires 1 x 9V battery and each wrestler requires 4 x AA batteries (neither included).

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