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Powertech 3-in-1 Jump Starter

Gives your vehicle the kick. Every time it needs one!

Built to deliver anytime you need it. This compact jump starter kit is a must have for frequent travellers especially the ones, keen on hitting the open roads every now and then. You never know when your battery might give up on you!
Think about getting stuck on a long and lonesome highway. With no one to call for help, it might be the last place you’d want your car or truck battery to give up on you.

However, with the Powertech 3 in 1 Jump Starter you’re always a step ahead of fate! The cool and unique Powertech 3 in 1 Jump Starter is designed to be compact and can easily fit in the boot of your car. Armed with a powerful 17 Ah SLA battery, the Powertech 3 in 1 Jump Starter has enough juice to power up a bike, car, or even a light truck in no time. All you’ve got to do is attach the heavy-duty battery clamps to the battery terminals of your vehicle and you’re good to go.

We hear that it also doubles up as a 12VDC power supply using which you can power up a variety of other equipment! This novelty product is truly a blessing in disguise for many. You can now order it online and buy yourself one at an attractive price. It makes for one heck of gift idea for your friends too!

Dimensions (Packaging): 32.5 (H) x 15.2 (W) x 28 (D) cm / 12.8 (H) x 5.98 (W) x 11.02 (D) inches.

Product features:

  • Emergency jump start / 12VDC power socket / work light
  • Soft start feature
  • 17Ah battery capacity
  • Heavy duty booster cable
  • 4 LED indicators to show battery condition
  • Rugged carry handle
  • Reverse polarity indicatory light
  • Deluxe heavy duty rubberized housing

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