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Paladone LCD Cuckoo Alarm Clock

Wake up to the sound of birds!

Remember the old cuckoo clocks that were so unique? Well, now there’s the LCD Cuckoo Alarm Clock, which combines the great sound of birds with a modern LCD display!
Waking up to a shrill beeping alarm or a screaming radio can get your day off to a really bad start, so why not wake up to the sound of birds instead? The LCD Cuckoo Alarm Clock makes a pleasant bird noise that wakes you up gently, rather than yelling at you to get up.

It combines the style of the traditional cuckoo clock with modern LCD technology and makes a cute addition to any bedroom. It also comes with four different sounds, so you’ll never get tired of waking up to it in the morning.

This is one alarm clock you won’t be hitting or throwing across the room. The LCD Cuckoo Alarm Clock lets you wake up naturally and will set you up for a great day every time. Kids will love it and these cute clocks also make unique gift ideas for friends and family. Purchase your LCD Cuckoo Alarm Clock here for a refreshingly low price and wake up with a smile every time!

Dimensions (Packaging): 16 (H) x 12 (W) x 10.5 (D) cm / 6.3 (H) x 4.72 (W) x 4.13 (D) inches.

Product features:

  • Colour Box
  • 3x AA batteries not included

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