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Digitech iPhone Charger & Speaker Dock

Doubles as a great alarm clock device.

This iPhone charging station and speaker dock is a functional mini- boombox waiting to be heard. Simply place your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPod Nano 3G into the docking socket to share your tunes and rotate the stand 90 degrees to watch your iPhone movies.

Any wonder why your iPhone feels you take it for granted? You only give it attention when you make a call or listen to music/watch videos on the bus, on the street or on the train.

How would you feel if most of your life was spent in a pocket, hidden from the world like a guilty little secret that works tirelessly to give its master hours of listening pleasure?

Well now you've got every reason to show off your iPhone. The iPhone Charger & Speaker Dock is just the thing to max your iPhone's functionality and get it out in the open.

iPhone Charger and Speaker Dock

These speakers allow you to dock your i-device and be free of wires while having the convenience of mobile music. With its 4 speaker array producing a high quality sound, mount it on your work desk or in the kitchen while doing the dishes to listen to your favourite tunes. Better still, place it on your bedside table and it can be used as a functional alarm clock, where you can amplify and wake up to your favourite tunes each and every day.

Simply slot in your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPod Nano 3G, hook up the docking speaker station to the supplied AC mains adaptor (or use 4 x AA batteries), then press play.

The streamlined design of this iPhone accessory looks minimalist and stylish and the fact that it recharges your iPhone (or iPod Touch / Nano 3G) as you play, means it'll be juiced for its next outing. Better still, Charger and Speaker Dock on the wall of your office, or give it pride of place in your lounge or bedroom. And that's not all...rotate the backing stand 90 degrees to experience your iPhone movies with your very own personal mini-theatre.

Product dimensions: 17(H) x 17(W) x 3.5(D) cm / 6.7(H) x 6.7(W) x 1.4(D) inches.

The iPhone Charger & Speaker Dock features a 4 speaker array to produce a high quality sound.

Compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod Nano 3G (not included).

The docking station has a 3.5 mm audio-in socket (allowing for connection to other audio devices such as MP3 players, mobile phones or a computer/laptop) as well as power and volume buttons.

The iPhone Charger & Speaker Dock comes with a mains power supply or can alternatively be powered by 4 x AA batteries (not included) for travel.

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