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Night Light Wall Clock

It knows what time to light up.

A wall clock with a difference! When the lights go out, the face is lit by funky green LEDs. You can set the backlight to come on automatically, or turn it on or off manually. Lets face it - as far as clocks in the dark go, this one's handier than most!

For some of us, checking the time throughout the day is the absolute surest way of making things seem even slower and for others, it always seems the day has lost some hours and there's never enough time to do what's been planned. Whichever camp you belong to, the Night Light Wall Clock will make the task of telling the time a truly round the clock breeze.

Night Light Wall Clock

Equip a wall clock with a light and light sensor and what you have is a clock that's as useful at night as it is during the day. By day, the Night Light Wall Clock works just like any regular wall clock, with a second hand carefully monitoring the day's progress. However, when its light sensor detects darkness, a centrally located light extends an illuminating glow outwards, towards the numerals of the clock. This is actually a lot more useful than you might think – how many times have you got up in the middle of the night, turned the light on, discovered it was the wrong light, turned the right light on and disturbed some member of the household just for wanting to know what time it was?

Being battery operated, the Night Light Wall Clock's also a saviour during power outages – at least you'll have one clock that remains visible when the power's out…not to mention the fact that the clock becomes a real decorative piece in the dark of night – bright enough to help you tell the time, yet dim enough not to be too distracting for those sleeping nearby.

This just goes to show that its not just completely new ideas that become the most practical of gadgets, but the combination of seemingly simple (often taken for granted) inventions that catch our attention. What's that you say – time to get another wall clock?

Product dimensions: 30(H) x 30(W) x 4.5(D) cm / 11.8(H) x 11.8(W) x 1.8(D) inches.

The Night Light Wall Clock's light sensor can be switched to have the night light always on, always off or set automatically depending on ambient light levels.

The wall clock requires a total of 4 x AA size batteries, 1 battery for the time mechanism and 3 batteries for the night light (none of which are included).

The Night Light Wall Clock can be optionally powered by a 4.5V DC adapter (not included).

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