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EasyWalk Umbrella Torch

2-in-1 design for safe walking.

The EasyWalk Umbrella Torch is a perfect companion in the rain. Not only does it keep you dry, it lights your way as well. Features a high-brightness LED flashlight, small enough for a handbag or briefcase.
EasyWalk Umbrella Torch

The EasyWalk Flashlight Umbrella is one of those products that make so much sense, you wonder why you didn’t have one years ago! Don’t worry, the only reason you didn’t is that they hadn’t been invented yet...but now they have, and your days of struggling in the rain trying to hold an umbrella and a torch to guide your way are finally over.

No more fiddling around trying to stay dry, holding your handbag or briefcase and your torch while madly searching for your house keys or car keys. The EasyWalk Flashlight Umbrella solves all of those problems in one compact unit.

Firstly, the EasyWalk Flashlight Umbrella is small enough to fit into your handbag or briefcase – so it’s right there when the heavens open. When things get dark, the path gets a little tricky, or you need a little light to find your keys, the high-brightness single LED torch at the base of the umbrella can shed light on the problem at hand.

When it’s not raining, you still have a functional flashlight handy and when it’s wet not dark, you have the umbrella!

Mothers Day, Fathers Day, your favourite grandparent’s birthday – the EasyWalk Flashlight Umbrella makes a great gift for basically anyone! Maybe they don’t need a torch, but who doesn’t need an umbrella? It’s great for golfing, camping, hiking or just that little piece of mind in the glove box of the car.

So whether you want to stay dry and see where you’re going – or you want to give a gift that’s smart and unique - The EasyWalk Flashlight Umbrella has you covered.

  • Foldable umbrella
  • Small enough to fit in your handbag
  • Detachable high-brightness LED flashlight at the base
  • Requires 2 x CR1220 batteries (included) for the LED light to operate

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