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Seishin Tougei Egglings Crack & Grow Kit

A real plant that hatches from an egg!

An Eggling is a unique self-contained herb garden that makes for the perfect gift for anyone - just crack its top and water! The seed will grow for 5 months and can be replanted in soil afterwards. Pick from Lavender, Mint, Petunia or Wild Strawberry.

When you see the headline “Egg hatches plant!” you’ll probably think it comes from the same crazy tabloids that give us “An Alien Stole My Personality!” and “My Car is Haunted by the Ghost of Evel Knievel!” – But it’s really true! (Not the Alien part, the Egg part...). Egglings have landed, sprouting new life on desks and windowsills everywhere.

Egglings are a precious little gift you can give to just about anyone – friends, teachers, work mates and of course yourself! It’s a perfect little present for gardeners, budding chefs or anyone who likes their gifts on the cute and curious side.

Egglings look and feel like extra-large eggs – handmade in Japan from white ceramic – when you crack it’s top you’ll discover a garden ready for sowing. Just pop the terracotta tray under the Egglings, sew your seeds (your choice of lavender, mint, petunia and wild strawberry) in the fortified peat mixture and before you know it your herbs will be sprouting... err, hatching.


When you crack your next omelette, you can use leaves from your mint egg to give it flavour. When you have a headache, just rub some lavender between your fingers and breathe in its soothing oil. Each seedling can grow for up to 5 months in the Egglings and then all you need to do is plant it directly into the garden.

The Egglings answers that age old question, “Which comes first, the lavender or the egg?” once and for all. Order now – we’ll despatch and you hatch!

Product dimensions: 7.5 (H) x 6.5 (W) x 6.5 (D) cm / 2.9 (H) x 2.5 (W) x 2.5 (D) inches.

Product features:

  • Egglings look and feel like an extra-large egg
  • Seeds are already sown into the fortified peat mixture
  • Just crack its top, water and place in bright spot
  • After 5 months the plant can be replanted outdoors
  • Box includes one eco-friendly ceramic egg with plant, one terra cotta tray & seeds
  • Pick from Lavender, Mint, Petunia and Wild Strawberry
  • Makes a clever and delightful gift for anyone

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