Fill Your Family’s Easter Baskets with Unique Gifts!

Easter…it’s not just about chocolate these days (although that’s good too!). LatestBuy has a tremendous variety of cool and unusual Easter gifts to make this an Easter to remember! We have Easter gifts for babies, Easter gifts for toddlers and on up through the ages of your family to include Easter gifts for adults. You will find gift ideas galore to fill their Easter baskets with unique gifts to thrill and delight when the Easter Bunny pays your house a visit!

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Why Easter Gifts?

Easter is a lot of fun, but what’s it all about and why do we give gifts like chocolate Easter eggs and gift baskets at this time of year? In modern times, Easter is a Christian holiday related to the resurrection, but if you dig a bit deeper you’ll find the reason that Easter = rabbit and eggs go back a lot further to earlier pagan traditions celebrating spring (in the northern hemisphere) and rebirth. Until quite recently, people gave each other painted chicken eggs for Easter. We don’t know about you, but we prefer chocolate Easter eggs with gifts instead of an empty eggshell!

Here in Australia, we have some slightly different Easter ideas like the Easter Bilby and sporting events, but in general Easter in Australia follows the same traditions as western Europe and North American with Easter gifts, egg hunts, and lots of yummy chocolate! LatestBuy is the best place in Australia for modern Easter gift ideas for the whole family and not forgetting Easter gifts for teachers! Stay tuned for more info!

What to Make for Easter Gifts for Family?

Are you a bit crafty or into DIY? If you are looking for what to make for Easter gifts, why not make a handmade basket to fill with some Easter gift ideas from our site? You can include cool tech gifts for Easter baskets or some funny gifts as well as the usual edible Easter gifts. For older family members, you can give Easter gifts of food such as a favorite meal or dessert and include something fun from LatestBuy.

How to Make Easter Gifts with Kids?

Do you need inspiration for Easter gifts for toddlers? Why not have them “help” you make Easter decorations? All you need is some colored paper, glue sticks, and toddler-friendly embellishments like dry pasta or tissue paper. Cut out egg shapes and let the kids get creative! If you want to make Easter gifts for babies to give, just paint the baby’s hand or foot with non-toxic paint and add a print. Handmade decorations from grandkids make wonderful personalized gifts for grandparents, just browse our site for something nice to add into the basket-like some flameless candles or a handy kitchen gadget and it’s ready to give (or send).

Easter Gifts for Teens

Don’t bother with standard M&S Easter gifts for your moody teenager this year…he/she probably doesn’t want anything from there anyway! Instead, shop online for Easter e-gifts! Gift Cards or vouchers go down well at any time of the year and your teen can shop for cool gifts here at LatestBuy. Don’t forget to send them a link to our site!

Easter Baskets 21st Century Style!

Still can’t think of the right Easter basket ideas for your family? The perfect Easter gift is only a click away! From Easter hampers for mum and dad to Easter gifts for a baby, we have items on our site to please everyone. You can skip Babies ‘R Us, Easter gifts for the whole family are right here! Novelty gifts and sentimental gifts, funny gifts and unusual gifts; let your mind be free and get what they want for Easter instead of something boring from an ordinary shop. Go LatestBuy for Easter. It’s just more fun to shop that way!

Easter Gifts for the Office

Are you the lucky one in charge of buying corporate gifts for your clients or employees? Take a look at our “Easter Gifts for Globetrotters” section for some Easter ideas that could go down well. You really can’t go wrong with traditional Easter hampers for a professional gift, they make a great impression. We have many different kinds of hampers to choose from, just type “hamper” in the search bar. Hampers make great (and easy) gifts for teachers too if you haven’t got the time or motivation to make handmade gifts!

If you’re just looking for a few Easter basket ideas for work colleagues, check out our selection of funny gifts or use our “Easter Gift Finder” to locate the perfect gifts to complement those choccies!

Are you ready for some Easter Shopping?

By now, you should be eager to get your hands on all the Easter bounty! There are several ways to get to the gifts you’re looking for:

  • We have provided some suggestions for Easter gifts right here on this page! Just click on the picture of the item to get the details.
  • You can click on a picture of a happy person holding a gift to be directed to gifts for that type of person. The text above also contains helpful Easter links.
  • Refer to the “Easter Gift Finder” menu on the right of this page for some quick links to Easter gifts sorted by person or personality type.
  • Use the search bar to type in a specific item or brand.
  • Look through the site by filtering by Person, Occasion, or Personality using the menu bar at the top of the page.

Need Help?

We want you to have a great experience shopping at LatestBuy and we have taken the time to compile answers to some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions. Go to the bottom of any page on our site and look for a link called “help topics” to find information on shipping, gift wrapping, etc.