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Digital Clock T-Shirt

A clock and stopwatch right on your t-shirt.

The freshest arrival on the timepiece scene - a clock and stopwatch right on your T-Shirt. With a simple flick of the on switch, go from anonymous punter to life of the party.
You remember Flavor Flav from the rap group Public Enemy, right? He was the "zany, kooky and straight-up wacky" one who wore big clocks around his neck (and top hats) to prove he could always "tell people what time it was"?

Back in the 80s and 90s, when Flavor was at his tastiest, he saved us all the hassle of having to look down at our wrists – instead, we simply checked out his chest. It was funky, fun and completely functional...and though Flavor's time may have come and gone, his contribution to the clock-watching community lives on in spirit – which brings us to the f-f-freshest arrival on the timepiece scene - the Digital Clock T-shirt - which is a kind of space-age homage to the man who made "yeaaaah, BOY!" one of our favourite catchphrases.

This comical addition to your party wardrobe runs off 4 x AAA batteries, which are discreetly hidden in a little pocket inside the shirt.

Digital Clock T-ShirtWith a simple flick of the "on" switch (located on the discreet battery pack), you can go from anonymous punter to "life of the party"...and after a night spent drenching the shirt with sweat, simply remove the battery pack and give it a hand wash.

Then you can put in a new set of batteries and give your fellow party-goers a real show, switch modes from digital clock to stopwatch and see how long it takes for your stingy mate to shout the next round.

Up for a bit of mischief? Set the clock an hour ahead (or behind) and jump on a bus or train – then watch your fellow commuters work themselves into a lather as they try to figure out whether daylight savings has started. It also makes a great gift for those among us who suffer from terminal lateness.

Digital Clock T-Shirts are operated from 4 x AAA batteries (included). Batteries will last between 12-36 hours (depending on mode) and can be replaced. Each Digital Clock T-Shirt has a small hidden pack with a battery compartment, small on/off button and "mode" button (choose from digital clock or stopwatch). The battery pack connects to an electro-luminescent panel. Digital Clock T-Shirts must be hand washed. Care must be taken to avoid folding the front panel and the battery pack must be removed prior to washing. Digital Clock T-Shirts are unisex in style and only available in black. This creates a good contrast with the flashing display.

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