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Custom BBQ Branding Iron

Let your food do the talking.

Every BBQ usually has one lurking somewhere - the "cattle thief". It's that person who always helps themselves to the best cooked steak - even if it happens to be yours. Now they can no longer get away with the "I don't see your name on it" excuse.

Please note: The Custom BBQ Branding Iron comes with a set of interchangeable letters that can be used to alter the message as many times as you want.

Every family has one. That one family member who is irresistibly drawn to the barbeque at a party, as if the sizzle of the sausages is calling them – as if the steak is actually speaking their name. Well, now it can. The Custom BBQ Branding Iron can speak their name and everybody else's!

That's right. Just when you thought the barbeque revolution had reached its pinnacle, the Custom BBQ Branding Iron allows you to offer personalised porterhouse, signature snags and monogrammed shasliks!

Of course, you can use it simply to separate the rares from the mediums - or stop steak stealers and rissole rustlers at parties. But with 52 changeable letters, as well as spacers, that's just the appetiser - you could and should let your literary skills roam all over the hotplate. Sending messages of love, best wishes for birthdays and of course the irresistible double entendres e.g. "nice rump", "eat me", "dead meat".

But it's not all about the carnivores! Vegetarians can enjoy communicating through their capsicums and expressing themselves on their eggplant.

It'll make a father's day! It'll make the barbeque baron of your family swoon in delight! Yes, it's so simple even they could do it. You just slip the letters into the BBQ Branding Iron, no tools required, sit it face down on the hot plate to get its sizzle up and then brand your beef! (Just remember to let the letters cool, before you go changing them...)

For any self-respecting, fun-loving char-griller – the Custom BBQ Branding Iron is as "rare" as it is "well done"! Seriously, get 5!

The Custom BBQ Branding Iron is made from steel, features a wooden handle and comes with 52 changeable letters (no tools required) to spell out your messages. The branding iron measures 43 cm long. The attached lettering plate is 9 x 4 cm.

Please note: Not suitable for children under 3 years old due to small parts. This product requires adult supervision when being used by children.

Customisable with the following letters: 3xA, 2xB, 2xC, 3xD, 2xE, 2xF, G, 2xH, 3xI, J, K, 4xL, 2xM, 2xN, 4xO, 2xP, Q, 3xR, 3xS, 3xT, U, V, W, X, 2xY, Z

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