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Eclipse Batteries (1 x CR2032 3V)

No more scrimmaging through your drawers.

We've heard of some customers scrimmaging through their drawers, pulling down all their clocks and raiding their remote controls to energise their latest buys - that's why we're now selling batteries...

There isn't too much worse than waiting for your LatestBuy order to arrive (no matter how quick it comes), unpacking it and then realising you haven't got the battery power to start playing.

Sure you might be able to scrape together a few used batteries, but chances are if these batteries haven't already had their day, they're likely to halt you in your tracks, just when you've started to get the hang of your new play thingy.

About the best thing you can do is get yourself some new batteries and alas, we're now selling them in all the major sizes required...

...and these ain't no ordinary batteries (did you really expect anything less?) – apart from being super long-life alkalines, they're also mercury and cadmium free, offering big-brand performance at a fraction of the cost.

If a LatestBuy product requires batteries, the type and quantity required is normally indicated in the Product Specification section toward the bottom of the product's page.

Also, if we happen to sell that particular type of battery it will be shown in the Accessories section located at the top-right of the product's page, allowing you to easily add them to your cart. That way you'll ensure that you're playing with your LatestBuy goodies straight out of their box – there really is no need to get on the wrong side of the family by stealing from their household gadgets.

Pack includes 1 x CR2032 3 volt battery.

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