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Discover the lost prehistoric world.

Discover the ancient giants from the comfort of your lounge room with these large 3D dinosaur puzzle kits. The perfect present for kids obsessed by these long-extinct monsters...a load of fun and education. Easy to assemble and no glue required.

When you were a child, did you dream of being a palaeontologist? A famous dinosaur hunter perhaps? Wandering the world discovering and dusting off dino bones? Didn't we all. But there are some of us, who haven't quite left it behind. So, for those of us who just can't quite let prehistoric dogs lie, we give you Build-a-Dinosaur.

Build-a-Dinosaur let's you build your own dinosaur skeleton, one vertebrae at a time! You receive the pieces in a flat packed template, just pop them out and piece it together. It makes much more sense than digging for years just to find a single dinosaur toe - not to mention all those years at university first! This way, you KNOW you've got all the bones you need to re-create your ancient animal before the next ice age.

Build-A-DinosaurModels range in size from 50 cm high to 120 cm wide – take your pick from the Tyrannosaurus or the Pteranodon (or take them both!).

They're a great gift for children (well, let's face it, you would have loved one when you were a kid – and of course the kids might want a hand with it!). They're also equally stylish enough to grace the coffee tables and corner stands of the corporate world.

Whether you know Jurassic Park off by heart or you're just looking for a brilliant birthday gift – no bones about it - Build-a-Dinosaur fits the bill!

Build-A-Dinosaur kits are approximately 45 x 29.5 x 2 cm in size unassembled. They are made from wood, easy to assemble and require no glue. Instructions and Sandpaper are included.

Build-A-Dinosaur - TyrannosaurusTyrannosaurus (model size: 50 cm tall)
The name Tyrannosaurus Rex means 'tyrant lizard king'. T-Rex grew to 13 metres tall and weighed about 7 tons. It is believed that they were only capable of reaching speeds of 17 km/h (slower than a football player).

Build-A-Dinosaur - PteranodonPteranodon (model size: 120 cm wingspan)
The name Pteranodon means 'toothless wing'. They had a wingspan of about 9 metres long. Although in some Hollywood films they are depicted grabbing hold of their prey with their claws, Pteranodons in fact were more akin to catching fish with their mouths.

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